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ESU, UCM Top MIAA Preseason Women's Polls

Posted: 10:08 PM Oct 24, 2013
Reporter: MIAA Sports Information

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The two teams who battled it out in the conference tournament championship last season each earned a first place spot in this year’s polls. Emporia State, who won the tournament championship last season, earned eight first place votes and sits atop the coaches poll. Central Missouri, who played ESU in the championship game, earned 13 first place votes from the media to sit atop that poll.

Washburn, who won the regular season conference championship, got one first place vote from the coaches and six from the media as they are picked to finish third in both polls. Fort Hays State is picked to finish fourth in both polls with one first place vote from the media as Pittsburg State is prognosticated to come in fifth. Northeastern State earned the sixth place spot in both polls after making it to Kansas City last season.

Both polls continued to remain the same as Northwest Missouri is picked seventh in the each poll and Missouri Western is picked to finish eighth. Missouri Southern holds onto the ninth spot in both polls as Southwest Baptist was picked 10th in each poll. Central Oklahoma earned the #11 spot in both polls.

Lincoln holds the 12th spot for both the coaches and the media entering the 2013-14 campaign. The final twist comes in the 13th and 14th spots as the coaches picked Lindenwood 13th and Nebraska-Kearney 14th and the media flip flopped those two slots.

The MIAA slate of game is scheduled to get underway for many teams around the league on December 5, 2013.

2013-14 MIAA Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Emporia State (8) 164
2. Central Missouri (5) 158
3. Washburn (1) 143
4. Fort Hays State 130
5. Pittsburg State 124
6. Northeastern State 101
7. Northwest Missouri 94
8. Missouri Western 90
9. Missouri Southern 72
10. Southwest Baptist 66
11. Central Oklahoma 49
12. Lincoln 36
13. Lindenwood 28
14. Nebraska-Kearney 19

2013-14 MIAA Preseason Media Poll
1. Central Missouri (13) 359
2. Emporia State (7) 338
3. Washburn (6) 312
4. Fort Hays State (1) 293
5. Pittsburg State 269
6. Northeastern State 267
7. Northwest Missouri 201
8. Missouri Western 187
9. Missouri Southern 171
10. Southwest Baptist 128
11. Central Oklahoma 101
12. Lincoln 85
13. Nebraska-Kearney 75
14. Lindenwood 49

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