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Emporia State Track & Field Has Outstanding Weekend

Posted: 5:07 PM May 12, 2013
Reporter: ESU, posted by Kinch O'Kelley

May 12, 2013 - On a near perfect day for track and field Emporia State recorded 17 provisional and one automatic qualifier for the NCAA Championships at the Sam Williams Qualifier at Witten Track/Welch Stadium. The highlight of the meet, however, was Kawayne Fisher of Jamaica running the seventh fastest time in the world this year in the 100m.

Fisher’s time of 10.04 was IAAF wind-aided with a 3.8 wind but was within the NCAA Division II legal limit of 4.0 and helped pull Hornets Shjuan Richardson and Derwin Hall to NCAA provisional qualifying times. Richardson ran a career best of 10.40 to move up to 16th on the national D-II list. An All-American wide receiver for the Hornets, he is now also ranked in the top ten among all divisions of football players. Hall clocked a career best 10.43 in the wind aided prelims and came back with a legal 10.57 as the Hornet running back provisionally qualified for the national championships and moved into the top 20 on the football/track athlete list at 100m.

Gannon Mack officially punched his ticket to the NCAA Championships with an automatic time of 14.08 in the 110m hurdles.

Dwayne Wall made a big jump in the triple jump with a mark of 49-06.50 (15.10m) to move up to 16th on the national list. It was PR of over a foot and a half for the senior.

Donald Wilcox tied his career best with a wind-aided 24-06.25 (7.47 but had four other jumps in his series hit the provisional mark.

Vincent Howze had a season’s best 21.22 in the 200m to provisional and move up to 27th on the national list.

The men’s foursome of Hall, Howze, Andrew Etheridge and Richardson turned in the final provisional for the Hornet men running a 41.15 in the 400m relay.

Carmen King moved up to third on the Emporia State all-time list with a wind aided 19-07.00 (5.97m) but hit a legal jump of 18-06.00 (5.94m) to move into the top 15 nationally. Peyton Weiss and Nikki Wetstein both hit provisional qualifiers in the long jump as well.

Wetstein again broke her won school record and moved up to 15th nationally with a 13.80 in the 10m hurdles.

Marqueita Marisette moved up to 29th in the nation with an outdoor personal best to 55.76 to move to fourth all-time at Emporia State

Marisette, Jackie Jacobs, Weiss and King ran the fourth fastest time in Emporia State history, 46.60, to become the 16th ranked school in the 400m relay this season.

The Hornet women also got provisional qualifiers from Maggie Wilson and Alaina Fairbanks in the pole vault and Misty Lowe in the shot put, however all three had previously recorded better marks.

Two-time US Olympian Muna Lee won the 100m with a time of 11.39 to break the meet record.

There were a total of 55 provisional marks – 28 by men and 27 by women - just by Division II athletes and two automatic performances at the last chance for D-II athletes to qualify for the national championships in two weeks in Pueblo, Colo. Including non-Division II athletes there were a total of 88 marks that eclipsed the provisional mark and ten that hit the automatic mark.

In other action for the Hornet track and field team, Payson Maydew won the decathlon at the Oklahoma Baptist Last Chance meet on Thursday and Friday in Shawnee, Okla. His total of 6,719 points moved him to 14th on the national list.

Emporia State will now wait until Tuesday to find out which athletes will advance to the NCAA Division II National Championships in Pueblo, Colo. on May 23-25. Four Hornets have already punched their ticket to Pueblo with automatic marks this season. Briar Ploude is fourth in the nation in the men’s high jump, Sara Dunkin is fifth in the nation in the women’s javelin while Andrew Etheridge is sixth and Gannon Mack tenth in the men’s 110m hurdles.

Women's 100 Meters Results
7 Kellie, Carrie 12.85
8 Rottinghaus, Nicole 12.97
11 Clark, Callie 13.39
Women's 400 Meters Results
1 Marisette, Marqueita-P 55.76
2 Kunkel, Lindsay 58.77
3 Jacobs, Jackie 1:00.05
Women's 100m Hurdle Results
2 Wetstein, Nikki-P 13.80
6 Wells, Jaycee 15.20
2 Wetstein, Nikki-P 13.83
6 Wells, Jaycee 15.13
Women's 4 x 100m Relay Results
1 Emporia State-P 46.61
Marisette,Marqueita; Jacobs,Jackie; Weiss,Peyton; King,Carmen
Women's Pole Vault Results
6 Wilson, Maggie-P 3.51m 11'06.25"
6 Fairbanks, Alaina-P 3.51m 11'06.25"
12 Orth, Tiffany 3.21m 10'06.25"
Women's Long Jump Results
2 King, Carmen-P 5.97m 19'07.00"
3 Wetstein, Nikki-P 5.79m 19'00.00"
4 Weiss, Peyton-P 5.78m 18'11.75"
Women's Shot Put Results
5 Lowe, Misty-P 13.72m 45'00.25"

Men's 100 Meters Results
4 Richardson, Shjuan-P 10.40
7 Hall, Derwin-P 10.57
4 Hall, Derwin-P 10.43
5 Richardson, Shjuan-P 10.45
12 Gellinger, Brian 10.84
Men's 200 Meters Results
2 Howze, Vincent-P 21.22
8 Gellinger, Brian 22.12
Men's 110m Hurdle Results
3 Mack, Gannon-A 14.08
6 Swalley, Tyler 14.70
3 Mack, Gannon-P 14.30
5 Swalley, Tyler-P 14.52
Men's 4 x 100m Relay Results
1 Emporia State-P 41.15
Hall,Derwin; Howze,Vincent; Etheridge,Andrew; Richardson,Shjuan
Men's 4 x 400m Relay Results
1 Emporia St. 3:17.67
Mack,Gannon; Proctor,Ashton; Thurston,John; Howze,Vincent
Men's High Jump Results
3 Calleja, Marcus 1.99m 6'06.25"
Men's Long Jump Results
1 Wilcox, Donald-P 7.47m 24'06.25"
Men's Triple Jump Results
2 Wall, Dwayne-P 15.10m 49'06.50"
Men's Shot Put Results
4 SanMartin, Lucas 15.52m 50'11.00"
Men's Discus Results
9 Klenda, Nick 46.69m 153'02.50"

OBU Last Chance Meet
1 Maydew,Payson 6,719 points
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