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Kansas Jayhawks Pep Rally Set For Friday At Power And Light District

Posted: 5:16 PM Mar 21, 2013
Reporter: KU Athletics

Men's Basketball Pep Rally Set for Friday at Power and Light District.

Join Jayhawk Nation at 3 p.m. prior to cheering the team on at open practice in the Sprint Center

March 21, 2013
Join Kansas Athletics, The Williams Education Fund, KU Alumni Association and fellow Jayhawk fans in Kansas City for the 2013 NCAA Tournament. The Kansas Jayhawks are taking over the Power & Light District.

Be sure to come to Sprint Center for a sneak peak at KU open practice on Thursday, March 21 from 5:10-5:50pm in Sprint Center before the action kicks off on Friday.

Join us at Z-Strike, the official site for the Jayhawks at Power & Light, located right across the street from Sprint Center before and after the KU games.

Friday, March 22:

Pre-Game Party: 3:00pm (Z-Strike)

Kansas Jayhawks Pep Rally: 5:15pm (main stage of the Power & Light District)

Tip Off: 8:50pm or 30 minutes following the conclusion of the UNC/Villanova game

Can't make it? Follow the game on@KUGameday, listen in on Jayhawk Radio Network
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