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Obama Picks Indiana For NCAA Men's Title

Posted: 9:26 AM Mar 20, 2013
Reporter: CBS News (Posted by Josh Mabry)

President Obama just touched down in Tel Aviv for a visit with Israel's prime minister - but not before ranking Indiana as his top pick to win the NCAA championship this month.

According to the president's bracket bracket , which he filled out for ESPN, Mr. Obama is predicting Florida, Indiana, Louisville, and Ohio State will make it to the Men's Final Final Four.

For the women's championship, the president - a onetime coach of his daughter's team - included Baylor, California, Connecticut and Notre Dame in his Final Four bracket.

This is the fifth year Mr. Obama has filled out a bracket for the NCAA tournament; last year, according to ESPN, he ranked 2,347,421 out of 6.45 million entries.

Obama seems more optimistic about his prospects this time around.

"I'm feeling good," he told ESPN's Andy Katz. "I'm ready to win some money here."

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