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Clint Bowyer Returns Home To Promote Hunting Among Youth

Posted: 11:07 PM Dec 4, 2012
Reporter: Melissa Brunner
Clint Bowyer Talks about Hosting Youth Hunting Event
Kids Talk about Love of Hunting

OLPE, Kan. (WIBW) - Clint Bowyer raced home to Kansas to promote a passion other than racing.

The NASCAR star was in Olpe Tuesday night, visiting with 20 young people and 20 guides who are participating in his fourth annual youth deer hunt event. The Emporia native says it gives him a chance to share what he loves to do away from the racetrack.

Bowyer says times are different than when he was growing up, with more kids spending time with video games and computers than enjoying the outdoors. He says he's glad to have a chance to get young people interested in spending time with nature. Plus, he says it's an activity many kids can do with their dads, which is an added bonus. Bowyer also noted the number of girls among the group, saying it was nice to see boys and girls both show interest in the sport.

Bowyer said the event wouldn't be possible without additional sponsors, including the guides who give of their time and landowners who allow participants to hunt in their woods and fields.

The actual hunt is the first week of January. The Tuesday dinner was held to coincide with the regular firearms deer season.

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