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Whatever the weather, it feels as though the sun is shining on you. You're happy, content and easy-going today, all of which will help to increase your popularity with everyone you meet. You'll enjoy being sociable, preferably in the company of some of your favourite people. If that isn't possible, arrange something for later in the week.


It's magotty Monday and you could do with a change of routine. You'll soon get bored if you're expected to do the same old things as usual, so try to vary your schedule in some way. You don't have to do anything drastic, but you'll certainly enjoy being spontaneous now and then. Expect a surprising contact from an old friend or neighbor.


You're feeling companionable and in the mood to be sociable, so it would be a shame to spend too much time on your own. Besides, you've got so much to say for yourself right now! You'll have plenty of fun if you can get together with friends or neighbors, and will also take pleasure in being part of a team.


This is an excellent day for getting yourself organized, especially at work and where money matters are concerned. Pay any bills before they become overdue (or you forget about them), and try to be as efficient as possible if you're at work. If you're in two minds about something, it's a good idea to pick the brains of someone you respect and trust.


You felt good yesterday and you feel even better today. It's a fabulous day because you're in such a positive and optimistic frame of mind, and as a result you'll attract lots of good experiences and possibly even some great opportunities. It's a particularly favorable day for making contact with someone who lives in another country or has a completely different background to yours.


Your emotions are never far from the surface today, so grab the chance to get in touch with your feelings. It's the perfect opportunity for a heart-to-heart with someone, whether you're in a close relationship with them or you simply need to get something off your chest. You'll benefit from some self-analysis.


You're feeling very sociable, Libra, so it would be a shame to spend too much time on your own. You have a cheery word for everyone you meet, and you're keen to create a harmonious atmosphere too. If your social life has dwindled recently, this is a good opportunity to breathe new life into it by joining a club or association that might contain some soulmates.


Work goes really well today, thanks to your practical and sensible attitude, and your ability to concentrate on whatever needs to be done. There's no need to feel nervous if you're going to a big meeting or a job interview because you'll give such a good impression of yourself. You'll also do well if you have to give orders or get other people organized.


You're eager to have a mini adventure today, so what do you have in mind? You'll enjoy any activity that feels like a challenge, and you'll also relish the prospect of skipping work and doing something much more interesting instead. If that isn't possible, make up for it by letting your hair down when you've finished work for the day.


This is a wonderful day for being with people you care about because you'll get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from being near them. You'll enjoy making a fuss of someone special, or maybe they'll be making a fuss of you. If you're going shopping with a loved one you'll have a lot of fun, especially if you're buying items to make your home more cosy or comfortable.


Do your best to get out and about today. You'll hate it if you're cooped up in one place all day long and a change of scene will do you good. You'll also be unhappy if you only have yourself for company, because you're in the mood for a good chat with a lively companion. If you've fallen out with someone recently this is a great opportunity to show there are no hard feelings.


Efficiency is your middle name, which is great news if you're busy at work. You'll have everything under control, even if you're really operating in a state of organized chaos. If you can spare the money it's a good day for investing in your health, whether that means buying a pot of organic honey or booking up a series of complementary therapies. If you have a pet, he or she will also appreciate a modest pampering session.

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