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You're a wow in any social setting now, whether it's a modest neighborhood get-together or one of the biggest parties of the season. If you don't have anything planned, how about throwing an impromptu Halloween party? Even at this late stage you'll want to make a special effort for your guests and will go to a lot of trouble to make them feel welcome.


Money is burning a hole in your pocket today, especially if you've just been paid or have a lot of cash on you. Be strict with yourself about what you buy, otherwise you'll find that you've frittered away a lot more than you thought. If you're going food shopping you'll be tempted to treat yourself to all sorts of edible luxuries, whether you can afford them or not.


Are you feeling lucky? Although it isn't advisable to bet your shirt or risk anything you can't afford to lose, it looks as though you could strike it lucky today. So why not buy yourself a lottery or raffle ticket, or try your hand at a competition or quiz. You could also be lucky in love now, provided you don't raise the stakes too high.


Do yourself a favor and get together with someone who always makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. You're not in the mood for anyone who's challenging or brusque, even if you live with them, because you'll find them far too abrasive. It will do you good to have some time to yourself, perhaps reading a book or listening to a favourite piece of music.


If possible you should rearrange your schedule so you can devote plenty of time to your social life. It will be a joy to spend time with friends and family, even if you're only visiting the shops or sharing a cup of coffee. Someone may try to interest you in one of their favourite hobbies, and it might appeal to you more than you imagined at first.


Make the most of today's outgoing and happy mood! You'll enjoy being with some of the special people in your life, even if you don't do anything very exciting together. Someone might act as a mentor at some point, giving you some good advice or allowing you to call on their considerable expertise. Don't let them think that you take all this for granted.


If it's been a long time since you last spent a few days away from home, maybe it's time to arrange a short trip. Anything from a weekend away to a proper holiday will be just what you need now. If you haven't made any plans for the Christmas holidays you might be inspired to leap into action and organize something that you can look forward to.


You can't help but look on the bright side today, even if life has kicked you on the shins recently. Right now you firmly believe in the benefits of positive thinking, so why not give it a shot? Maybe you could practise some creative visualization techniques in order to bring a hoped-for situation closer to reality, or give yourself some healing.


Nothing goes according to plan today and you may as well resign yourself to that fact. The more you try to control chaotic situations, the more difficult they'll become. You may also have to cope with a loved one who is being uppity, eccentric or contrary. And once again, the more you try to make them behave, the keener they will be to do the exact opposite. Don't worry, this disruptive phase won't last long.


No matter what you're doing or who you're with, you'll find it easy to get on well with everyone. If you're at work, expect an easygoing atmosphere with colleagues, superiors and customers. If you're with an older friend or relative, you'll enjoy making a bit of a fuss of them.


You're in the mood for fun, love and laughter, and nothing less will do. Maybe you could forget about the chores and give yourself the day off? You'll be a big hit if you're going to a social event, and you might even turn a few heads. If you've been hoping to dazzle you-know-who with your charms, you'll want to pull out all the stops today.


It's bad news if you want everything to run like clockwork today because that's unlikely to happen. Instead, chaos is likely to ensue when plans are changed at the eleventh hour, arrangements go wrong or you have to cope with a mini disaster. Take care when handling precious objects to avoid dropping or damaging them.

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