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Weather Forecast
At one time Wednesday night, 1,400 Westar customers were without power in Shawnee county. By Thursday morning at 6:30, the number of homes without power was down to 30.

The National Weather Service reports that by a little after midnight, Billard Airport recorded around 1.68 inches of rain from the past 12 hours. Also,

Nortonville had the highest rainfall total at 3 inches. Oskaloosa reported 2.9 inches of rain with Valley Falls at 2.5 inches and Topeka had 1.68 inches of rain.

Topeka was 8 inches of rain behind schedule for the year as of Wednesday morning. This rain will help, but northeast Kansas remains well behind average rainfall totals. Luckily, more is on the way over the weekend and next 6 days or so.

Wind damage was also reported on Wednesday. Trees were down at Lake Shawnee Golf Course. 69 mph winds were reported at the Emporia Airport and a potential Microburst struck at the 5200 block of Shaffer Road around 8:15 p.m.. The Microburst winds appear to have done some damage just west of Meriden as well.

Posted by: Nick Viviani, Jeremy Goodwin, Collin Myers

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