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Life Lost Too Soon

by Melissa Brunner

I heard sirens go past my house Sunday night. I heard them head back toward town several minutes later. That's not unusual so I didn't think much of it. I was heartsick to later learn what they meant.

Any loss of life is tragic. It strikes us as even moreso when the life is that of a young person who hasn't passed their teenage years. So much potential unrealized, dreams unfulfilled. We ache at the thought of what might have been, regardless whether we knew the person.

The closer we are to the young person, the closer to home it hits.

I live in the Seaman School District. I did not know the students involved in Sunday night's accident, but I wonder if I might have seen them. These are the young people who work at and frequent the same restaurants I'm likely to frequent and the grocery stores at which I shop. Even if I never met them, chances are, I've met people who knew them - and that makes me feel for them that much more.

My sympathies to everyone in the Seaman Schools family. May Alayna's spirit live on in our efforts to lift up the young people we encounter. Let them know they are valued, let them know they have our support, let us give them the tools to succeed - and let us hope it a long time before we hear another of their voices silenced in the sound of sirens.

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