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Super Advertising Sunday

by Melissa Brunner

Grab the nacho cheese dip and the pizza bites and settle in for a long Sunday in front of the TV! If you need to grab a fresh plate, just make sure you're back in your seat before the commercials return!

Yep, Super Bowl Sunday is not your usual television viewing event. It's probably the one day of the year that the ads take a back seat to the program itself for many people. I mean, sure, I'd like to see an exciting matchup between the Seahawks and the Broncos and I love to see what buzz-worthy moments might come from Renee Fleming's National Anthem and Bruno Mars' halftime show, but I count myself among those who are most interested to see how companies will spend their $4 million-per-30-seconds. (After all, the Packers aren't playing this year!)

To get you geared up, here are a few spoilers. Get a look at some of the ads advertisers already leaked to get the buzz started - and we have even more posted at wibw.com - just click here.

Budweiser Puppy Love

Dannon Oikos Full House Mini-Reunion

Coca-Cola Going All the Way

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