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Sites From a High-Flying Celebration

by Melissa Brunner

Tuesday afternoon was a fun time watching United Express service to Chicago land at Topeka Regional Airport. A mix of VIPs and everyday travelers shared coffee and cupcakes then hopped a plane to the Windy City. Some of them bought their tickets simply to be a part of the first flight, while others were thrilled to find they could plan an itinerary that no longer included a drive to Kansas City. We also met a few who lucked into the landing out of necessity - whether it be previous plans gone awry in the weather or a family emergency.

People in the Topeka area have long lamented the absence of commercial air service. Now that it's here, it's up to those same people to keep it going. Mayor Larry Wolgast and United regional sales manager Jay Brame both urged people to remember Topeka is now an option for air travel. United has made it a point to make ticket prices to Chicago from Topeka versus Kansas City comparable. If the ticket price to your final destination is ultimately a bit pricier, then you have to judge how much a shorter commute, lower parking costs, less hassle with security lines and maybe even no toll roads is worth to you.

Those questions can be left for pondering another day. For now, enjoy some of the sites from what was a celebratory day!

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