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by Melissa Brunner

We ventured out of the city of Calgary into countryside. At first, it wasn't too far removed from what you might see in Kansas, with farms and rolling hills. I was enjoying the view out my side window of the motorcoach when I finally decided to run my head forward and was awestruck. There, rising like sentinels guarding the way west, were the Canadian Rockies. The peaks soared into the sky, some of the peaks so high you could see snow stubbornly clinging to the shaded valleys.

The journey took us to Lake Minnewanka. It was enlarged in the 1940s, with the goal to provide hydro-electric power to Calgary during World War II. The project wasn't completed until 1947, but it still provides power for Banff and surrounding areas. Given that it fills a valley, it has some rather odd dimensions at a half-mile wide, 17 miles long and 500 feet deep. For all it's beautify, you won't find people taking a dip with its 37 degree water temperatures!

One of the more interesting features our guide pointed out was what appears to be a man's face looking out from the dips and shadows of a rock. See if you can spot it in the photos I posted at www.facebook.com/WIBWMelissaBrunner.

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