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Here's to Your Health!

by Melissa Brunner

By now, most of you know that we at WIBW-TV are pretty active on Facebook. We all have individual pages, plus pages for news, weather, sports and Good Kids. This week, we added another page to the list - WIBW Health.

We do a weekly To Your Health feature, so it's only natural we keep up with the issue on social media, too. I'll be the main person updating it, so you can expect to find health headlines and information on healthy community activities, like the 5ks and walks in which so many of you like to take part! I'll also share my own thoughts on healthy living, with fully admitting I'm no poster child for health - just someone trying to get by like all of you!

I hope you'll find it a place where you can share your thoughts and advice, too. I already had a man post a helpful web site he's found.

You can find it at www.facebook.com/WIBWHealth. Check it out, give it a "like" while you're there and feel free to let me know what you'd like to see on the page!

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