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I Don't Understand

by Melissa Brunner

When tragedies happen, I suppose it's human nature to ask, "Why?" Certainly, as journalists we're trained to ask the question. It is one of the "Ws," after all. We ask questions until we're sure we understand the various aspects of what happened or is happening so we can clearly explain it to you, our viewers

Confession: Some things I will never understand.

I don't understand how someone could go to an elementary school and unload on classrooms filled with innocent children.

I can't explain why the bullets brushed past one child in the hallway but failed to spare the next.

I don't understand why some families will be planning Christmas celebrations filled with gratitude, while others will be planning funerals, filled with grief.

Who's to say why some of the very educators who protected and warned their students and colleagues paid for their efforts with their lives?

I don't understand how an adult could feel so... desparate? distraught? angry? ... that he (or she) would think harming children was the only outlet through which to express the emotion.

Many people live with mental illness. Many people suffer loss. Many people get frustrated with their families. Yes, many people are given a raw deal in life.

But very few pick up weapons, drive to an elementary school, get through the doors and open fire.

Speculation as to what drove the young man to attack Sandy Hook Elementary School Friday is well underway. We're asking about his background. We're asking how he got the weapons. We're asking about his personality. We're asking about any possible mental challenges, medical disorders or history of violent or erratic behavior.

We are asking why.

But I just don't think I will ever understand.

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