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A Giving Community

by Melissa Brunner

We are heading into the prime time of year for giving - and studies suggest most of you reading this are all too willing to give!

I heard the figures during a luncheon this week celebrating National Philanthropy Day. Robert Swanson shared the interesting facts. Last year, $298 billion was given to charitable causes across the nation. Of that amount, 80 percent came from individuals as opposed to businesses and organizations.

Kansans are a big part of the giving. Swanson cited research that Kansans give 4.8 percent of their discretionary income to charity. That works out to about $2300 per household.

The figures actually went up from 2010 to 2011, which is a good thing because needs continue to grow as well. It seems those can afford to do so are doing more, much to the gratitude of those who never thought they'd need to ask for help, but now find themselves in a tough spot.

On behalf of so many deserving organizations doing such fine work in our community, thanks in advance for being so willing to give of your resources to help others.

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