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by Melissa Brunner

Please excuse my absence from this space for a while. It's been a hectic few weeks, what with my partner-in-crime Ralph Hipp out of town and all! It seems to take away from the time I usually devote to sharing my thoughts in the Blog Zone.

Which got me to thinking this morning about what people care to read these days. Are the days of devoting a few extended paragraphs to a topic over? Or, if someone does take the time to do so, what topics keeps your attention for that extra length of time?

As time got short the past few weeks, I would grab a moment here or there to put a topical sentence on my Facebook status. Sometimes that would generate comment, sometimes it would not. In much the same way, sometimes my blogs generate comment, sometimes they do not. In watching my nephews and their friends, it would seem many of them are more into Twitter than Facebook as a means of communicating these days.

Facebook and Twitter are often in a group called "micro-blogging," where your thoughts are presented in a sentence or two, as opposed to the traditional blogs, like this, that are several paragraphs on a topic. Which are you more inclined to read?

While I myself have neglected the tradional blog the past few weeks, I'll still lean toward a mixture of the traditional and the micro styles - and I'll post links to my longer, traditional blogs on the micro sites so you know they're there.

As I neared the end of writing this, I did a quick search and came across the following article from March 2012 that would seem to support my approach. You can read it if you'd like - http://www.n2growth.com/blog/is-blogging-dead/. If not, I'd appreciate it if you'd continue to visit me in the Blog Zone from time to time!

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