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A Good Read

by Melissa Brunner

I love to read! I usually read at bedtime, much to my husband's dismay as he tries to shut his eyes against the glow from the iPad! Biographies, memoirs and current event recaps are great, but, I admit that what I really enjoy is a good novel, be it romance, mystery, thriller or comedy. I read so much true-life material every day that the escapism of a good book is wonderful!

A few months back, I prepared for my vacation by asking you on Facebook to share your recommendations for some good reads that would help me pass the time on my flights. It occurs to me I never checked back in to let you know what I thought, so let me take a moment to pass along a few great reads I discovered, courtesy your suggestions.

First, being the animal lover that I am, someone thought I would like The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. It is told from a dog's perspective and you know up front how it will eventually end. Warning - you might want to reach the ending when you are along, rather than in a packed airport, because you will need tissues!

Next up was the suggestion for Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. Wow! The unique twists had me look up her two other novels, Sharp Objects and Dark Places, to read as well. They might be a bit dark for some tastes, but I appreciated how they were not follow the cookie-cutter path to resolution.

Finally, for lighter beach-bag fare, I checked out the Janet Evanovich crime stories with heroine Stephanie Plum. These are quick reads, perfect when you want to escape into some not-very-thought-provoking with a bit of humor thrown into the mix.

I thought about this list today when I came across a list from Buzz Feed of books to read before they hit theaters this year. Two of the Gillian Flynn novels are among the 16 on the list, and I see several others that are catching my eye. Here's a link to the list - let me know what you think:

Click here for Buzz Feed's 16 Books to Read before They Hit Theaters This Year.

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