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Ice, Ice Baby!

by Melissa Brunner

Today was all about the ice! A drive from Banff National Park into Jasper National Park gave us a look at beautiful glacier-fed lakes, culminating with stepping onto an actual glacier!

The awesome blue color you see in glacier-fed lakes comes from what's called "rock flour." As the ice comes down the mountain, it brings with it fine sediment from the rocks, which plays with the light's rays to give you the awesome shades of turquoise.

Walking onto an actual glacier, though, was an incredible experience. The ice beneath your feet is quarter-mile think, with pure water flowing from the melting going on around you. Leading up to the glacier are piles of dirt and rock, evidence of the glacier's recession. We were told the Athabasca glacier recedes about 30 feet a year. Seeing up-close how it has sculpted the land is an awesome testament to this force of nature.

For a look at the experience - and my encounter with a bear! - go to www.facebook.com/WIBWMelissaBrunner

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