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Happy Flag Day!

by Melissa Brunner

I seem to be noticing Flag Day a bit more this year. Earlier this week, I went to a baseball game in one of our small towns and noticed American flags lining the utility poles along the main street through town. It was vintage Americana and I loved it!

Today, I traveled to Atchison to speak to their county's Family and Community Education group through the K-State Extension. Since it was Flag Day, they adopted a red, white and blue theme for the ocassion. The topper? A red, white and blue hat contest! I snapped a few photos of their creativity on display for you to enjoy!

It makes me curious if you observe Flag Day or display an American flag around your home?

Also, a reminder that American flags should be disposed of by burying or burning them. If you need assistance, contact your local American Legion post.

Happy Flag Day!

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