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This is the perfect day to be practical, organized and industrious. So how can you achieve this? Well, you could begin by making a list of everything you have to do today, putting them in their order of priority, and then starting with whatever is most urgent. The feeling of satisfaction as you work your way down the list will be quite something.


Someone thinks they know what's best for you and they're determined to tell you so. And you're bound to disagree, in addition to feeling annoyed that they've got the presumption to interfere in your life in this way. Try to calm down, otherwise you'll blow the whole incident out of all proportion. It simply isn't worth getting yourself into such a state.


A loved one has your best interests at heart, but they have a funny way of showing it! In order to make you do what they want, they're using emotional blackmail and are dropping not-so-subtle hints. Try to handle the situation with humor and compassion, while making it clear that you aren't going to let them control you like this.


You're at your practical best today, so make the most of it, Cancer. If you don't have anything specific to do, why not catch up with your chores and get yourself organized? If you go shopping you'll have a good eye for a bargain and won't want to waste your time or your money on items that don't appeal to you. It's also a good day for writing letters and emails.


If you went overboard yesterday, you should work out exactly what the damage was today. So don't chuck away all those credit or debit card receipts without looking at them -- add up how much you've spent so you can adjust your monthly budget if necessary. You'll appreciate having some time to yourself today and will enjoy concentrating on some of your top priorities in life.


This hasn't been an easy month so far and today you have to cope with intense emotions that threaten to get the better of you. Memories are very vivid at the moment, swamping you with emotion and putting you on the defensive. The trouble is that you're reacting as though painful episodes from your past are happening to you right now. You may also be feeling rather resentful and bitter, which won't help.


Ideally, you should lock yourself away for a short spell because you'll really appreciate having some time to yourself. A little solitude is especially important if you're working hard on a project that's intended to improve your profile or boost your reputation, because you'll be at your best when you're left to your own devices. You certainly don't want anyone interfering or chattering to you.


If you want a nice, quiet day you should do your best to keep money and friends as far apart as possible today. That's because someone may get very bossy and dictatorial about how other people spend their money, perhaps telling them that they're spendthrifts or stupid for buying what they do. There could also be a battle of wills over how much a forthcoming social event, such as an evening out, should cost.


Take care, because it's so easy to get all churned up and emotional today. Once that happens, your emotions will take control of you. You're gripped by intense feelings, making it difficult to be objective or rational. Watch out if you're in the limelight, because the pressure could get to you, sparking off a sulky outburst or an embarrassing display of temperament.


You're in a constructive mood today, which is great for getting things done. So get going! If you need some help or advice, don't be afraid to ask for it, and as a result it will be difficult for you to go wrong. If it's been a long time since you had an enjoyable break, why not make plans to go away soon, whether for a weekend trip or a proper holiday.


This is a fantastic day for getting on with lots of work, especially if you're aware that someone is watching you with their beady eyes. You want to give them a good impression and you're only concerned with your own sense of satisfaction but, either way, you'll certainly keep your nose to the grindstone until you've achieved everything you set out to do.


Someone dear to your heart gives you plenty of emotional support today, much to your delight. They may not even do this in very obvious ways, but might simply be around when you need them or bring you a cup of tea at exactly the right moment. Try to return the favor, whether you do it today or in the future. It's also a good day for having a serious but loving chat with a child.

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