You're in a situation that you don't like but can't do much about, and you're feeling trapped and edgy. Nothing superficial holds your attention at the moment. You have a clear and analytical approach that cuts through all the nonsense, right to the heart of things. Directness may not always endear you to others, but they love you in the end.


Throw your energy into something that is going to be useful for you. Life feels difficult just now but it's a temporary phase and it is possible to change and transform important aspects of your life. You have the capacity to handle finances well, but try to avoid committing yourself to situations which make you feel trapped. Tread softly and check out all the options before coming to a decision.


You have to watch who you associate with at the moment as you might be attracting the wrong kind of people. If you let ruthless control freaks near you, you'll end up feeling furious or blocked. A close partnership may be going through a process of upheaval, which puts strain on you and in turn, this could result in outbreaks of bitterness. If you can understand what's really going on, then you will forge a stronger connection in the days to come.


It's important to channel your energy into doing as much work as possible today. Brutal effort involved in organisation achieves something worthwhile. Be wary of high-risk areas, people and situations. At work you may be digging your heels in too hard. You could be right but maybe have not found the best way of persuading workmates. A more flexible approach will help to smooth out tensions and disagreements.


Don't do things only for your own good. If you can work for the benefit of the group energy, then it will work well. Be prepared to put in the legwork and you will find at the end you’ve created something very solid. You have certainly no intention of being ignored now. You want to be given much more attention. Try to turn your growing creative talents to good use since your achievements will bring you all the acclaim you seek.


Planetary influences prevent tensions from coming out into the open, so everybody sulks and gets bad-tempered. Keep your sense of humour handy. Avoid being controlling in your emotional and domestic life. Hidden, intense feelings run just beneath the surface, but it would be more productive to go inside yourself and explore these fears and anxieties, which stem from childhood.


You feel powerless or helpless regarding a certain situation. Don't respond in like kind and try to ride roughshod over other people, instead, find a third way. You have a real inclination towards investigating every situation right down to its roots, and you'll find facts that escape other, superficial minds. However, you can be too negative, looking on the black side of life.


Step back and wind yourself down, Scorpio. There are things in life you can achieve, but sometimes they just go more slowly than you'd like. Getting into disagreements and power struggles won't be helpful. Thanks to powerful Pluto, your attitude is going through a complete transformation. Some things are even more valuable than material security. Get your priorities straight. Control a jealous attitude.


There is the danger of a pretty ruthless power play going on around you now, but you can be a really steady rock for others to respect and appreciate. Be open to your own vulnerability and listen to feedback which will be constructive. You do have an understanding that life should be give and take. So don't be scared that if you give others knowledge about yourself they will then be able to control you.


At this time it would be wise to watch who you associate with as there's a danger that you could be pushed around and end up feeling powerless to do much about it. It will be difficult for you to open up discussions on certain topics, but it's important to try. Find someone you can really trust and discuss what you would like to do with your life - don't be frightened to ask for advice. You want to be able to make an impression where it matters in the days ahead.


Make creative changes in your life by using as much energy as you possibly can and avoid head-on confrontations with other people. You are very enthusiastic to be part of a group of like-minded friends, pulling together in a co-operative venture. No matter how small a scale, you want to create a better world for yourself and those around you. Maybe some will laugh at you for being an idealist, but you really believe that visions do matter.


This is a good time for any kind of work which involves change and transformation in your life. You definitely want more respect for what you are trying to achieve at work at the moment. You would really like to be in charge, or at least in a position to make more of an impression. So try to tread softly, work out your strategy in advance and don’t be too open about your ambitions. Then everything will turn out more to your advantage.

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