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  • App connects good Samaritans to those in need
    A newsmart phone app in Britain is connecting good Samaritans to people who need help in an emergency. Alphonso Van Marsh reports.
  • iPads improve language skills in autistic kids
    A study finds regular use of personal tablets may help severely autistic children learn and retain more words
  • iPads may help kids with autism communicate
    A third of autistic children are still having difficulty speaking at age 5, even after years of early intervention. UCLA researchers are discovering that tablets and iPads can help those children learn to communicate. Danielle Nottingham reports from Los Angeles.
  • Google tests drone delivery
    The drone is part of a research project called “Project Wing,” which was built by Google engineers as part of their secret research group called “X.” Google released video and details of the drone tested conducted in Australia
  • "Jeopardy!"-winning computer breaks new ground
    IBM's Watson has a new mission: Using its artificial intelligence capabilities to advance science and medicine



If a friend is recounting a story to you, bear in mind that they aren't the most reliable witness in the world right now. They may be placing undue emphasis on certain aspects of their tale, perhaps because they want to gain your sympathy or make you reach a particular conclusion. You may also be guilty of this, even if you aren't aware of it at the time.


This is a good day for getting together with some of the family because you'll enjoy one another's company. However, someone could get their knickers in a twist, which will lead to a tricky atmosphere and possibly even some raised voices. This is especially likely if the conversation strays into memories of the past, with people arguing about what really happened.


Someone seems to be a walking encyclopedia, judging by their determination to hurl facts and figures at you. You'll very soon lose interest but will they stop talking? No, they won't. Try to resist the temptation to engage them in a battle of words in which the winner is the one who talks longest and loudest. Maybe you could change the subject to something more interesting?


The atmosphere is rather fraught today, which could soon lead to a ding-dong with someone. The vexed questions of money and sex are especially likely to make the fur fly, so mention them at your peril. If you aren't the one who wants to pick a fight it will be your other half, and they'll be like a terrier with a bone. Do you honestly have the energy for it?


Are you feeling agitated or annoyed about something? Then do something constructive about it, otherwise you're likely to take out your feelings on whoever happens to be around. This means you might pick a quarrel with them over something really silly, simply so you can let off steam. It will help to stay busy and physically active.


It's impossible to guess what your partner is going to do next because they seem to be acting completely on a whim today. Maybe they're on a quest for excitement and new experiences, even if this causes problems for you. They certainly won't appreciate it if you cling to them or try to tie them down, so do your best to give them the freedom they need at the moment.


You're torn between logic and emotion today, with the result that you'll keep changing your mind about what you think. This will be made worse if you ask others for their opinions because you'll quickly decide that they're right, before moving on to the next person and probably revising your views again in the light of what they say. You'll end up going round in circles if you carry on like this!


Be careful because you're being very subjective today, and you're quite likely to make snap judgements about people based purely on what they look or sound like. Logic won't enter into it. As a result, this isn't the day to get involved in a sensitive discussion because you simply won't be able to manage it without getting incensed about the smallest little thing.


A loved one is blowing hot and cold, so you don't know where you stand with them. One minute you're in favor and the next you're in trouble. Try not to take this personally because it isn't really directed at you. Instead, it's saying a great deal about the erratic and quicksilver state of this person's emotions. Maybe you should ask them what's wrong?


It's a slightly tricky day. Is your heart is ruling your head, or vice versa? Avoid veering wildly between taking a very logical stance about something and then becoming extremely emotional about it. No one will know where you stand on the subject, least of all you. Avoid making decisions while you're in such an uncertain mood.


Someone is full of talk, but they can't back up what they're saying. They might be making promises they can't keep, or giving you a load of hot air. Alternatively, your conversation may be blighted by confusion that originates from both taking subjective viewpoints or making unfounded assumptions.


It's horribly easy to get caught up in tiny details today, so that you eventually lose sight of the bigger picture and become obsessed with the minutiae of life instead. This is especially likely if you're tackling some paperwork or you're doing something that should have been finished a long time ago and which you now feel guilty about.

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