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You're in a very chatty and sociable mood today, and there will be times when it's difficult for you to keep quiet. This will be fun for everyone concerned, provided that you give them a chance to get a word in edgeways now and then. Mind you, it's quite likely that you'll encounter someone else whose tongue is trying to run away with them.


Someone doesn't know when to shut up today. This is alright if you don't have anything better to do than to listen to them, but it will be very annoying if you're trying to beat the clock and you keep being interrupted by this person. You'll have to explain the situation to them because they're unlikely to take the hint otherwise.


You're in a very playful and lively mood, and everyone will find you extremely entertaining. It's a lovely day for being with favourite children, whether they're your own or they belong to a friend, because you'll enjoy playing with them or telling them stories. Right now, you want all your communications to be light-hearted, so you'll try to avoid anything too heavy.


You're feeling good! You're in a very upbeat and gregarious mood, and you have the feeling that everything is going your way. Even if life is rather difficult at the moment you'll get a breather from your current problems, which will come as a big relief. Speaking of 'big', you could be tempted to eat more than usual right now, so watch out if you're supposed to be on a diet.


You're feeling confident and relaxed today, and you're convinced that everything is going your way. Whether it really is or not is immaterial right now, because you're feeling so positive and enthusiastic. If you've been at odds with a neighbor or close relative recently, you're prepared to forget the whole thing and be friends again.


This is another good day for tackling money matters, because you're still able to concentrate on them. It's also a good opportunity to think about your values and priorities in life, especially if you want to consider whether you devote enough time to them. Maybe you need to alter your daily schedule slightly so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy instead of the things you have to do.


You're feeling wonderfully expansive and generous today, and want to spread your largesse around you. It's a delightful day for being with people you like and for doing things you enjoy. You certainly don't want to make it a low-key or boring. A surge of confidence carries you triumphantly through the day.


It feels as though your guardian angel is looking out for you, Scorpio, because you have a strong conviction that, no matter what is happening in your life at the moment, it will all sort itself out and be OK in the end. This is very comforting, but don't let it stop you making important moves or decisions that will have an important bearing on your current circumstances. Don't expect fate to step in and do all the work. You must also pull your weight!


There's a strong emphasis on friendships at the moment and this is another day when you'll enjoy being with people you know and like. You're in the mood for a good old gossip with someone, so settle down for a long natter and enjoy yourself. It's also a lovely day for getting involved in a favourite hobby or leisure activity, if you can find the time.


Someone's in a very chatty mood today. That's great if you have time to talk but it won't be so good if you have one eye on the clock throughout the conversation because you're worried about meeting a deadline. If you're in a business meeting or interview, try to curb the tendency to gabble or get sidetracked by things that aren't important.


You're full of curiosity about the world today, and you want to know lots more about it. This might involve reading a fascinating book or doing some surfing on the internet, or you could get involved in an engrossing conversation with someone. Right now you're especially interested in political, spiritual and religious topics.


It's a great day for fixing anything that's broken or going wrong - anything from a financial problem to an emotional difficulty, and everything in between. If you're at work you'll enjoy finding ways to make yourself more efficient and productive. Perhaps you need to do some tidying up too, so your workspace feels less cluttered and more energized.

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