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You're in a sunny mood; you want to get on with everyone around you and you need everybody else to feel the same way. This means you'll be prepared to overlook any little foibles or peccadilloes of theirs that usually get you down or set your teeth on edge. Right now, you're happy to live and let live, and you hope that everyone will excuse your idiosyncrasies in return.


Family gatherings are enjoyable right now, provided everyone knows how to behave themselves and keep a tight lid on their feelings. However, if anyone allows themselves to get upset you'll have quite a task on your hands to maintain the status quo. It's just the day for giving your home some attractive decorative touches, and they don't have to cost a fortune, either.


It's party time! Enjoyment is uppermost in your mind today and you'll find any excuse to let your hair down, open a couple of bottles and whoop it up. Ideally, you should do this with some of your favourite people because they'll help the whole thing to go with a swing, but you'll make a big effort to socialize with whoever happens to be around whether they're loved ones or perfect strangers.


If you're going shopping today you'll be tempted to splash out on all sorts of little treats. You may even be encouraged to do this by a friend, who probably wants you to spend money so they can feel better about their own extravagance. You'll have to exert an iron will if you really don't want to spend more money than you can afford.


This is one of those days when you feel you ought to cut yourself into several pieces in order to satisfy everyone's demands. One person may want you to go out with them, another may want you to stay at home and yet another may have something urgent to tell you. Yet you can't be in three places at once! Try to keep your cool and don't let the situation get to you. Everyone will have to take their turn.


It's tempting to allow your feelings to gather momentum today so they have a powerful effect on you. This is especially likely if you're currently worried about someone or you're living in a romantic dreamworld of your own at present. Try to keep your feet on the ground, even if this is easier said than done, especially when concentrating on important or complicated tasks.


You're wonderfully positive and upbeat today Libra, and you really enjoy indulging yourself. Maybe you could go out for the day and visit somewhere that always lifts your spirits. You'll also enjoy browsing in a favourite bookshop or your local library, because right now you have a hankering to increase your knowledge.


This is a lovely day for being with partners and older friends, especially if you're doing something sociable together. However, a certain someone will want to bask in their fair share of the limelight and will get rather miffed if they can't show off at some point. You may have to engineer the conversation round to them so they can do their star turn.


No desire to do any hard work today? That's great if you don't have to, but not such good news if you're facing a pile of chores or you have to go to work. It's tempting to get away with doing as little as possible, and that's fine if it won't get you into trouble. But try not to be slipshod or lazy if this will arouse the wrath or indignation of people who have power over you.


Your emotions are never far from the surface today, and they'll make themselves known in all sorts of ways. You might have a sentimental and satisfying conversation with someone you adore, or enjoy a private little reverie about you-know-who. It's certainly a fantastic day for letting down your guard and revealing your heartfelt feelings to someone.


Your spirits are on the rise and you're in a much more positive mood. This is a glorious day for doing things that put a great big smile on your face, and you'll be even happier if you can have a change of scene. If you haven't yet arranged any activities during the Christmas holidays, think about what might be possible and then start putting your plans into action.


Money! That's the main theme now because it's burning a great big hole in your pocket. You may not even want to buy anything in particular, but you'll enjoy the whole performance of choosing something, paying for it and then taking it home in a swish carrier bag. It almost goes without saying that you should restrain yourself if you're supposed to be saving money rather than spending it at the moment.

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