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  • What exactly are you agreeing to with an end-user agreement?
    We’ve all encountered many of those “agree & continue” prompts while browsing the Internet, but as we half-consciously click to proceed, what exactly are we agreeing to? Slate Contributor Seth Stevenson discusses how companies benefit from our indifference to the fine print.
  • Vertical farms: "Making nature better"
    CBS News visits an Indiana warehouse where greens for the table grow year round
  • Drone gifts bring joy and concerns
    Drones were some of the most popular gifts for the holidays, but the presents could get their recipients in trouble. Julianna Goldman reports from Washington.
  • Gaming networks shut down by hackers, some still offline
    Sony's PlayStation network is offline for the third straight day and Microsoft's Xbox Live is back in service. Both gaming platforms were hacked this week, disrupting Christmas gaming. Carter Evans reports from Los Angeles.
  • Discerning actual threats to officers from social media rants
    The shooting deaths of two NYPD cops has made police around the country more aware of the power of social media. Shawn Henry, former executive assistant director of the FBI, joins "CBS This Morning Saturday" from Washington to discuss how social media is used in investigations.



The prospect of travel really appeals to you today, especially if you don't have any holidays booked for the foreseeable future. So be careful if you're out shopping and you happen to walk past a travel agent's, because almost before you know it you could be sitting in there waving your credit card around and consulting your diary for the best day to take off for the wide blue yonder.


If you've been neglecting that special someone in your life over the past few days because you've been so busy with the festivities, try to make up for it today. Maybe you could have some time alone with them, or perhaps you simply need to remind them how much you love them. Don't be afraid to open up your heart to them, and to let them do the same to you.


You're in the perfect position to put your views across to others today, because you're blessed with diplomacy and consideration for others. If you've been waiting for the right moment to tell a certain person how much they mean to you, speak up now while you're so silver-tongued and eloquent. You could also be on the receiving end of some delicious sweet nothings.


You've got so much charm and diplomacy today that you'll sail through all your encounters with other people. Things will go particularly well if you're at work, and you might even manage to smooth over a tricky moment with a certain person who normally causes a fuss. If you're taking part in a negotiation or interview, you'll be thrilled with your contribution.


You're in a sociable mood and will enjoy catching up with anyone you haven't seen recently. It will be great fun to have a satisfying gossip with them, and they could have some good news for you. Take the time to have a conversation with one of your favourite people because it will help you to understand one another better, and that is always a good thing.


If the past few days have been a blur of cooking, washing up and wrapping paper, take a break today and catch up with loved ones. Have a long talk with one of them so you can find out what they've been doing lately, or discuss a topic that concerns both of you. Right now, you're blessed with plenty of diplomacy so the conversation should go well.


Whatever you have to say today, you'll do it with charm and grace. This is just what you need if you've got to have a quiet word in someone's ear without offending them forever or putting your foot in it. You'll be amazed by what you can say now, provided you take things slowly and do your best to consider the other person's feelings.


The thought of the sales is almost too good to resist today, and you'll jump at the chance to see what's on offer. Even better if you can snap up some bargains at the same time. It's certainly a good day for investing your money carefully, but make sure you aren't more seduced by the reduction in the cost of something than in the item itself. Are you certain that you want to buy it?


All communications go wonderfully well today. You manage to say the right thing to the right person at the right time, and to keep off any topics that have the potential to cause upset or embarrassment. Brilliant! If you're going to a social event you'll be one of the stars of the show and might even carry home the phone number of someone who'd like to see you again.


This is a marvellous day for having a discreet word in someone's ear. You'll be able to choose your words carefully, making you very tactful and considerate, and as a result you will have a helpful conversation. This is also a good opportunity to talk about topics that are very dear to your heart, or which are usually too private to mention.


Make contact with any friends you haven't seen recently. You're feeling very sociable and you could be inspired to arrange a get-together so you can catch up on all the latest news. This is also a fantastic day for having a heart-to-heart with a chum, in which you both talk honestly about the way you're feeling or about recent experiences. It will help to bring you closer together.


This is another good day to be tactful, and if anything you'll be even more successful than you were yesterday. This is not to be sneezed at, so seize the opportunity to talk to people who can sometimes be very touchy or who need to be handled with kid gloves. If you meet someone who's older or more influential than you, you'll be a big hit with them.

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