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There's no stopping you today! You're in a go-getting daredevil mood, and you won't take no for an answer. This is the perfect influence if you need to muster some self-confidence or energy to do something challenging, but it may not be quite such a good thing if you're supposed to be tiptoeing around someone because you'll have a tendency to be much more boisterous than that.


You're in an easy-going mood, creating a harmonious atmosphere wherever you go and whoever you're with. Even if you're with someone who usually gets on your nerves, do your utmost to be tolerant and to forgive them their strange little foibles. At some point you might be asked to help out with a good cause or charity event, and of course in your present state you'll want to say yes!


The more humdrum your life feels, the more you'll want to escape into greener pastures today. If possible, you'll get your work out of the way quickly so you can do something much more enjoyable, such as going to the beach or meeting up with friends. Of course, you might even contemplate skipping work altogether, simply because you aren't in the mood for it. But is that really such a good idea?


Once again the astrological accent is on the way you handle yourself when dealing with other people. You're feeling rather impatient and agitated, so you'll get irritated by people if you think they aren't pulling their weight or working as quickly as they should. Do your best to reserve your ire for the people who really deserve it, otherwise you'll spend all day shouting.


It's a great day for making some constructive and creative changes to your life, even if they can only be quite modest at this stage of the proceedings. Don't imagine that it has to be a case of all or nothing, because the steps you take today could pave the way for bigger changes that will come later on. Remember that a journey of one thousand miles starts with the first step.


Everything means a lot to you today. As a result, you're taking things very seriously and might even have a sense-of-humor failure before too long. Try to avoid this by staying calm and not letting anyone or anything get under your skin. If you're trying to sort out a financial problem you'll feel very impatient and could be quite demanding until it's all done and dusted.


Someone's feeling very impatient today and they're trying to chivvy you along. Do you like this? No, you don't, and you'll probably say so before too long. Actually, it's important to get things off your chest today, provided that you don't go completely over the top and say or do things that will make you burn with shame later on.


This is the perfect day for fixing anything that's on the blink, whether it's an object or a relationship. You're definitely in a fix-it mood, but don't interfere in things that are none of your business or which are already in the capable hands of someone else. It's a good day for clearing out any junk you've accumulated, too, and either recycling it or chucking it away.


Spend at least part of today with loved ones. because they'll make you feel so good. If you know there have been problems with a certain person recently then this is a great opportunity to start sorting them out. Be prepared to change and adapt in order to improve the situation, rather than to insist that all the faults lie with the other person and not with you.


If you're still feeling agitated after yesterday, you'll struggle to control your temper and could go through the day with a black cloud hanging over your head. Try to let off steam in constructive ways, either by getting angry with the person who's annoyed you or, if that isn't possible, by releasing all that pent-up tension through some form of therapeutic activity.


You're in a very considerate and understanding mood today, making you eager to hit it off with whoever happens to be around. You're also full of empathy for other people and will listen sympathetically to a neighbor's hard luck story. You might even offer to do someone a good turn if you think they'd welcome it.


You'll really value having some time to yourself, far away from the demands of other people. You're a sensitive soul and you need to recharge your batteries, otherwise you'll start to run out of energy. Consider doing some meditation or creative visualization, which will refresh you both spiritually and physically.

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