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Enjoy today's sunny temper while it lasts! You're in a terrific mood and you want to share it with as many people as possible. Besides, it wouldn't be fair to deprive anyone of your company when you're as jolly and easy-going as this. Get together with some friends or strike up a conversation with someone you've always wanted to know better. You never know what might come of it!


If you're planning on making some changes to your job or your career, this is a great day to get started. Your prospects for success are looking very favorable, helped by the goodwill of certain people and also by your current ambition and determination to succeed. Don't be afraid to push yourself further than usual, provided you don't lose all sight of what's feasible.


What a marvellous day! There's a real spring in your step and you're feeling fantastic. It's one of those encouraging days when a positive attitude gets positive results, so you won't have anything to complain about. Keep your eyes peeled for a fabulous opportunity that comes your way, especially if it arrives courtesy of a loved one or someone who lives abroad.


This is a lovely, easy-going and happy day, so make the most of it. You're feeling relaxed and affectionate, and you'll be happiest if you can spend time with some of the special people in your life. If you're thinking of buying something for your home or garden, this is a great day to track it down in the shops, provided that you don't spend more than you can afford.


This is one of the highlights of your month, so try to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible. You're in a great mood and it will help to spend time with some of your favourite people. It's also a super day for making a good impression on someone you're meeting for the first time, and you'll really hit it off with each other. If you can spare the time you'll enjoy going on a short journey, preferably with someone nice to keep you company.


Life looks pretty good from where you're standing. Even if things could be better, you're taking a positive attitude to them and determined to make the most of what you've got. If you're at work, there could be good news about a promotion, perk or pay rise, and you'll also get a great big pat on the back for all the good work you've done lately.


It's a fantastic day so cram in as many enjoyable activities as possible. Yes, it's Monday but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun. If your usual Monday consists of hard work followed by a well-earned collapse in front of the television, maybe you could go out on the town instead or treat yourself to a take-away if you long to stay at home. But whatever you do, enjoy yourself in the process.


Take comfort from the people and places that are most familiar to you today. You aren't in the mood to go exploring, or to do anything radically different. Instead, you'll prefer to curl up at home with some of the special people in your life, or to visit somewhere you know like the back of your hand. You could have a lucky break if you're house-hunting at the moment.


You're ready for some fun today, so postpone any boring or difficult tasks until you're more in the mood for them. Right now, you're keen to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. Friends will be attracted to your outgoing personality, and you might also make some new ones because you're so gregarious. You may be asked to take a leading role if you're involved in any form of group activity, so be prepared.


Your working prospects look very favorable today, which is great news if you're going to an interview or you're applying for a new job. You'll feel more confident than usual, and you also radiate a sunny disposition that charms everyone you meet. There could also be some good news about a pay rise or benefit, giving you good reason to celebrate. Don't spend this money before you get it!


This is a wonderfully optimistic day and you're full of good thoughts, which is a great way to attract positive events and people. Right now, you're particularly concerned with increasing your luck, perhaps by entering a competition or lottery, and also with the prospect of travel to far-off places. If you suspect that you're stuck in a rut at the moment, this is a marvellous opportunity to start climbing out of it.


You're buoyed up by optimism today, and are convinced that everything will turn out well even if you aren't having much luck at the moment. Taking such a positive view will help you to weather any storms that are currently raging in your life, and remind you that better times are just around the corner. A heartfelt exchange with a special person is also guaranteed to put a great big smile on your face.

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