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This is a terrific day for taking a good, long look at your domestic set-up and deciding whether it could do with some improvements. Maybe you've been thinking about moving house, or extending your current home, in which case this is a very good opportunity to think carefully about the pros and cons. Can you afford it? What's the best thing to do under the circumstances?


Get yourself organized today. This will be a lot easier than you imagine, provided that you give yourself a head start by thinking about things in advance. Rather than rush into an activity without any forethought, you should consider the best way to go about it first, and what would be the best timing. You'll be amazed at how practical you feel as a result.


Your brain is working well, especially when it comes to tackling paperwork connected with your job or health. A conversation or meeting with someone influential will go well, too. It's also a good day to tidy up all the files on your computer, perhaps deleting anything that you no longer need or trying to get everything into some sort of logical order.


This is a wonderful day for mixing with people whose company you always enjoy. Get together with some of your favourite friends, or ring up someone you haven't seen in a while. If you fancy going shopping you'll enjoy buying items that stimulate your brain and give you plenty to think about, such as a non-fiction book or a documentary on DVD.


You'll value having some time to yourself today, even if you can only snatch a few minutes here and there. It's quality rather than quantity that counts, so do your best to relax and unwind completely when you get the chance. A conversation with a loved one could turn into a session in which you confide your secrets in one another.


Conversations and discussions go really well this now, because everyone concerned shares the same aims and intentions. This means you'll be able to sort out lots of topics, and even resolve some that have been sticking points recently. It's also a good day for cultivating your social life, whether that means going out with a friend or having a chat with a neighbor over the garden wall.


You're feeling much more practical and logical than yesterday, making it a good opportunity to catch up with any tasks that had to be put to one side. You'll make a great impression on any bosses or authority figures who happen to be around, thanks to your efficient and calm manner. If you go shopping at some point, you'll look for items that are well-made and good value for money. You won't be interested in fripperies or five- minute wonders.


You're in a very playful and relaxed mood today, so do something enjoyable. It will be good fun to spend time with some children, especially if you play games with them and remember what it's like to be a child yourself. At some point you'll enjoy chatting to one of your favourite people, even if you have to ring them to do it.


This is a great day for talking about things that mean a lot to you, but only if you trust the person you're confiding in. You certainly won't want to chatter away about very personal things to any old person, so choose your confidant carefully. You'll also enjoy spending time relaxing at home, doing as little as possible.


Put some effort into your relationships today, because all your hard work will quickly be repaid. Not that it will feel like hard work - anything but. You might have a very constructive conversation with someone, perhaps in which you share problems or discuss a current difficulty, or in which you strengthen the existing bonds between you.


Pull out the stops at work because you'll give everyone a very good impression of your capabilities. You don't have to do anything very remarkable, either, because even if you're simply getting on with day-to-day tasks you'll do them to the best of your ability. If you've recently started a new job it's a good opportunity to break the ice with a colleague or boss.


Taking a positive attitude to life is a big help today. It will put you in a good mood, for a start, and could also attract some luck in your direction. You'll enjoy having a change of scene at some point, whether it's a walk round the block or you're going further afield. If your thoughts turn to holidays you'll enjoy planning your next trip and decided where to go.

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