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Mercury turns retrograde in your 2nd house of personal finances today. Hold off on large purchases, financial commitments, loans, investments and business ventures. Prepare for holdups with financial institutions and changes to your money stream. If substantial agreements have already been made, recheck ongoing documentation and approvals. Be patient. Paperwork may need approval, or payments be delayed. Spend time going over figures, data and spreadsheets.


Mercury turns retrograde in your sign today, Taurus. You'll be full of positive thoughts, expression and versatility at the start and will love to impress with your ability to present interesting conversations. However, this could bring misunderstandings, forgetfulness, or tossing ideas around and not making firm decisions. A greater urge to talk about yourself means that your thoughts and discussions tend to be self-centered. Pay attention to what people have to say, jot down reminders, keep a diary and don't rely on your memory.


Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus, your 12th house of secrets and hidden matters. Thoughts will be concealed while you readdress lingering doubts and recent problems. Are you perplexed about a situation? Secrets have a way of being exposed, or you will worry just in case they do. Working behind the scenes may involve clearing the decks, sorting out data, books and articles that are no longer relevant. Information from or about organizations, institutions and hospitals may be difficult to grasp, or delayed. Readdress past experiences that have resurfaced; use your logic to overcome obstacles, and don't dwell in "what if".


Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus, your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes. Although this will be good to chatter amongst friends, meet new people and express your thoughts on future goals, outside annoyances will get in the way. Plans you had in place are likely to be held over, associated with a breakdown in discussions, or being out of touch with friends, groups and fun activities. Review your future plans while tackling other interferences that slow your thoughts down.


Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus, your 10th house of career and ambitions. The Cosmic Prankster will create delays with plans, discussions and ideas. Not the best time to ask for an advancement, impress employers, ask for a pay rise or make business changes. Don't get caught up with unimportant details, missing information and oversights if preparing for interviews. Be well-organized rather than flustered by delays.


Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus, your 9th house of the higher mind. In the process, expect periods of delays in travel arrangements, studies, connecting with overseas matters, and legal issues being held over. There could be problems with foreign exchange, overseas accommodation, and difficulties with language barriers. Make sure you haven't been misinformed with details, changes to timetables, dates and bookings.


Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus in your 8th house of sex, death and taxes. Issues are likely in discussions over jointly-owned accounts and possessions, investments, legacies, taxes and other people's money. Financial applications and approvals could be delayed so double-check the account details. Business partnerships and ventures need further investigating before decisions are made. Check that information you receive or send away is concise and the fine print on documents has been read and understood.


The Cosmic Prankster turns retrograde in Taurus, your 7th house. Discuss agreements, legal contracts and resolutions. This can apply to litigation within relationships, partnerships, marriages, business partnerships, opponents and joint ventures. Read through the finer points of documents; get proper professional advice so that you fully understand your obligations. Make sure all agreements are understood so there are no come-backs at a later date.


The Cosmic Prankster turns retrograde in Taurus, your 6th house. Your mental activities revolve around your areas of work, health, and routine. Discussions could be misunderstood with messages going astray, thanks to computer and phone problems. Your usual routine could be disrupted, creating delays in the work. Follow through with health checks, and watch for nervous tension.


The Cosmic Prankster turns retrograde in Taurus, your 5th house. Take more time to complete your inspirational notes, writing, and pieces of visual art. Intellectual games need more concentration; children's activities and sports information may require more input. Expect travel plans to be interrupted and issues with bookings, entertainment, and recreation.


The Cosmic Prankster turns retrograde in Taurus, your 4th house. Conversations revolve around family business, domestic necessities, possessions, real estate and property. Water-Bearers who decide to relocate because of job changes may have a long wait for agreements or lease settlements. Renovations may not proceed as quickly, or jobs not be completed to your satisfaction by repairmen. Venus will be floating into your 4th house adding finishing touches, but new possessions could take longer to arrive.


The Cosmic Prankster turns retrograde in Taurus in your 3rd house. Don't be surprised if you experience misunderstandings, computer and phone breakdowns, transport and motor vehicle hassles, sending and receiving misconstrued messages. Some Fish get the chance to do clearing, sorting through old correspondence and doing a catchup on phone calls. Venus will enhance your charm and expression influencing talks, peace offerings and resolutions with friends and within relationships.

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