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Whatever else you're doing today, try to make contact with relatives or close friends. You'll really enjoy talking to them and they'll be delighted that you made the effort to get in touch. If you're currently busy redecorating your home or planning a house move, you'll have some good ideas now. You'll also enjoy doing some gardening.


Someone is in a very idealistic frame of mind right now. They're viewing situations in the best possible light, and are determined to keep cheerful. Is this commendable or are they fooling themselves in some way? You'll enjoy talking to them, but don't be surprised if your conversation turns into a monologue, with them holding the floor. Oh well!


You'll really enjoy talking about whatever and whoever means a lot to you today. But, best of all, you'll want to get involved in some of your favourite activities. Watch out if you're near the shops because it will be very difficult to avoid temptation. Even simple window-shopping could turn into a major splurge once you've spotted those must-have items.


If you spent yesterday on your own you'll be eager to make up for it today and to get chatting to other people. In fact, you'll be quite a live wire, and everyone will enjoy having you around. You'll have no problems about putting your feelings into words, either, making it a great day for pouring your heart out to someone or confiding in your diary.


This is a fabulous day for talking about your feelings, especially if you can confide in someone you trust. Be prepared to discuss your innermost and most private emotions, particularly if it will be a huge relief to do so. If you've been bottling up your feelings for a long time it will do you the world of good to get them off your chest at long last.


Yesterday you were thinking along businesslike lines but today it's a different story because you're feeling much more emotional and affectionate. It's a super opportunity to talk to friends about matters of the heart and about anything else that is having a big impact on you at the moment. It will be good for you to get your feelings out into the open and not to keep them locked up inside yourself in classic Virgo fashion.


You're being wonderfully diplomatic today, Libra, and you'll be able to talk yourself out of any tight spots that you happen to find yourself in. This will be just what the doctor ordered if you've got to come up with a nifty excuse for something. It's also a good day for talking about your feelings with someone you respect and admire.


A positive attitude leads to positive results today, so keep smiling. Your thoughts and feelings are working together, making it easier than usual for you to express yourself. You might also have a lucky break when you talk to someone who can open doors for you or weave their magic wand for you in other ways. June may not have started off all that well but it's certainly ending on a high note.


After yesterday's clammed up mood, you're feeling far more forthcoming about your emotions. It's a great opportunity for you to explore these emotions in greater depth, either by working through them on your own or by discussing them with someone who's willing to listen to you pour out your heart and soul.


You're in a much brighter state of mind today, which comes as a relief after yesterday's rather gloomy outlook. If there were problems between you and you-know-who you should now be able to sort them out purely by talking about what went wrong and how you feel about it. But don't just talk about the difficulties between you - talk about some nice things as well!


You have great tact today, which will come in handy if you're trying to butter someone up. Not that you'll be so crass as to make it obvious that that's what you're doing, will you? Instead, you'll utter some soothing words if necessary or lavish them with compliments if that seems more appropriate. If you begin working with a new colleague or client today you'll really hit it off with each other.


Yesterday found you slightly tongue-tied when talking about your feelings, but you have no problems in that department today. Instead, you'll find it surprisingly easy to put your feelings into words and to convey them to the right person. Maybe this is your cue to tell them you love them or to pay them a heartfelt compliment.

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