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You're feeling impatient and restless Aries making you want to do everything in double-quick time. If you're going travelling you'll be eager to reach your destination and will get rather irritable if you meet any delays. Better take something to keep you amused, just in case, because you really won't enjoy doing nothing.


If you want to follow up what you started yesterday, you'll certainly have the energy for it. However, you may have to curb your temper, because getting angry will probably turn out to be self-defeating. Channel these feelings into your determination to get to the bottom of what's wrong. The atmosphere could also be rather tense when dealing with a close friend, so be warned.


Relationships will go really well today provided that everyone is feeling as upbeat and go-getting as you. But things will soon come unstuck if you encounter someone who seems to be holding you back or dithering. You want action and energy, and you'll quickly get impatient if people fail to fulfil your expectations. It sounds as though you need to calm down!


Try to get together with people who are that little bit different. You certainly aren't in the mood to spend much time with anyone who is wedded to their daily routine or who only ever seems to speak in cliches. Right now, you long for some exciting and stimulating company, especially if you're with people who encourage you to look at life from a completely different angle.


You're feeling very competitive and active today, and determined to enjoy yourself into the bargain. It's the sort of day when you feel inspired to get out your trainers and improve on your personal best in the gym, or to go jogging with a friend and beat them to the finishing line. You're also in rather a daredevil mood and will relish the chance to do something that's slightly rash or foolhardy. Great, but don't do anything stupid.


Once again you're in a go-getting mood, particularly when it comes to doing things around the house. You might be inspired to have a blitz on the garden or to raid the kitchen cupboards for all those things that have long since passed their use-by date. It's important that you keep busy because otherwise you'll start to feel agitated, restless and ever so slightly irritable.


What a busy day! You're dashing around so much that you're almost a blur, yet you'll have a good time provided that you don't take anything too seriously and you aren't working to a very strict deadline. If you do have one eye on the clock all the time, you'll soon start to feel impatient and hassled at the merest hint of a delay or interruption. Keep busy, but don't run yourself ragged in the process unless you have absolutely no choice.


You're in a money-minded mood today. That is good news if you're going shopping because you'll have a keen eye for a bargain. But no matter what you're doing, you'll place more importance on your priorities in life than normal and will get quite heated on the subject if you're challenged. You're ready to defend such things to the death, but is such vehemence really necessary?


Make the most of today's energy and stamina because they'll help you make plenty of progress. You might even be able to work up the enthusiasm to tackle jobs that you've been postponing through lack of energy. However, if you sit around doing nothing, you'll soon begin to feel agitated and annoyed, which is when the fireworks will start. So keep busy, and then you stand a better chance of getting through the day without blowing your top.


People are very interesting today as they're being unpredictable. Someone might make a suggestion out of the blue that turns out to be really enjoyable, or you could bump into the last person you were expecting to see but be delighted by the encounter. Alternatively, maybe you should be the one who's creating the surprises by ringing up someone you haven't seen for a while or giving yourself a complete break from your normal routine.


Going shopping? Don't be surprised if you start buying all sorts of things on the spur of the moment. When you look at them after you've taken them home, you may wonder what on earth possessed you to buy some of them. They might not be your usual taste at all, or they could be the sort of two-minute wonders whose ultimate destination is the bin. If you're reading this before you go shopping, try to curb your enthusiasm and save yourself some money in the process.


You're raring to go today, especially with activities that are designed to put you in the limelight for some reason. For instance, you might get all fired up to write a letter to your local paper or to fill in a job application. There's a lot you want to achieve right now and you'll soon get cross if others fail to do things as quickly as you'd like. You'll want to chivvy them along, but don't do it so harshly that you set everyone against you.

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