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Keep a firm grip on your money today to avoid anyone else getting their mitts on it. If you're out in public you should keep your wallet or bag clamped to your side, just in case it goes walkabout. You should also make sure you check any bills and invoices that you're given, in case they contain a mistake. It's a day when errors and deceptions are highly likely.


The sad fact is that a certain person isn't making much sense right now. They seem to be talking nonsense, or maybe they've got the wrong end of the stick but are hanging on to it for grim death and refuse to let you correct them. Mind you, there's also the possibility that you're the one who has got themselves in a muddle but doesn't realize it. Scary!


Beware wishful thinking because it will cloud your thoughts and lead to confusion. However, that's much easier said than done, because today you're showing distinct tendencies towards living in a rosy world of your own and ignoring any hard facts that are under your nose. Take care that you don't allow someone to dupe you simply because you aren't paying attention to what they're saying or doing.


The question of who and what you should believe is never far away today. Someone could easily mislead you, although it's a moot point whether they do this intentionally or not. Or there could be a communication glitch that means no one knows what's going on. Be very careful when handling money because there could be lots of silly mistakes, and if you're really unlucky there might also be some double-dealing too.


Be careful today Leo, because you'll have to cope with crossed wires and mixed messages today. Someone may not mean to confuse you but they'll still manage to get their wires crossed or give you completely the wrong information. You should try to avoid signing on any dotted lines or reaching verbal agreements today in case you've overlooked an important fact or it's been withheld from you.


Keep a pinch of salt handy today because not everything you hear will be the gospel truth. Someone might have manipulated the facts to make them sound more acceptable, or they may have got carried away and forgotten to tell you something rather vital. Try to keep misunderstandings to a minimum by being as straightforward and honest as possible, and by not simply assuming that people know what you're talking about and therefore not bothering to explain properly.


Be very careful when handling financial matters today because not everything is as straightforward as it seems. For instance, someone may tell you about a fail-safe way of making money but neglect to mention all the reasons why it's totally illegal. There could also be mistakes if you're spending money, such as being short-changed or overcharged. So watch out!


Don't believe everything you see today and your memory could be playing tricks on you, too. You might remember things in a distorted or false way, through no fault of your own. You may also be reading too much into the situations that are going on around you, making it hard for you to know what's really happening. Try not to make any big decisions today because you simply aren't thinking straight.


It's important to be discriminating about what you say and believe today. That's because communications are rather strange, with people saying or doing odd things and plenty of scope for crossed wires. Be very careful if you're attending to important details because for some reason your brain may switch off at the vital moment, leaving you prone to making mistakes or losing track of what you're doing. Try to double-check anything important tomorrow when your brain is back in gear.


Don't take any risks when handling your finances today, because there are strange things going on. Someone may not be as straightforward and honest as usual, or can't explain themselves properly, which leads to misunderstandings and false assumptions. If you're spending money, make sure you're charged the right price and given the correct change. And don't let your wallet or purse out of your sight, in case you mislay it or someone nabs it.


Someone is confused and muddled today, making it very difficult to talk chat for long without becoming equally bemused. Avoid making decisions or researching important information, because there's a strong possibility of getting crossed wires, or talking at cross purposes. A memory may also be distorted now, leading to mix-ups or bewilderment.


Things are not always what they seem today, so be careful. Someone might appear to be completely honest but turn out later to have been fooling you in some way. Or a situation may seem quite clear-cut right now but forthcoming events will reveal that things are very different under the surface. So be wary about who and what you believe, and don't let anyone push you into making important decisions today because they may not be in your best interests.

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