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There's a certain amount of friction between you and a loved one today and it looks as though money is at the root of the problem. Maybe one of you wants to buy something and the other one disagrees, or there's a clash about the cost of a social event. Try to stay calm and keep things in proportion, otherwise you'll soon get very agitated and take it all very personally.


There's domestic tension in the air, so be careful. It won't take much for someone to lose their temper, even if it's over something that you consider to be totally trivial. The trouble is that you may unconsciously make the situation worse by winding this person up. If you want to have a row, then get it over with so you can move on to something else.


You're in an impatient and irritable mood, and it won't take much to make you lose your rag. Is that because you're annoyed by their silly little habits, or are you really angry about something totally different? An old grievance may be nagging away at you, yet you feel you can't mention it so you get angry about something petty instead.


You're in a strange mood at the moment, especially where money is concerned. You've had your head in the clouds about it lately but today you've gone to the opposite extreme and are showing a distinct tendency to look on the gloomy side about everything. Try not to let money worries get you down or hamper your thought processes. Things may not be as bad as they seem.


You're in a very conscientious mood today and you want to do things properly. You're also feeling responsible so won't want to shirk anything that you consider to be your duty. This is all very commendable but don't take it to extremes and remove all enjoyment and happiness from your day. So give yourself a break at some point and relax.


Do your best not to get heated and angry today because if that happens you'll say or do the wrong thing. You might blurt out some information that was supposed to remain a secret or make a joke to someone who thinks you're being politically incorrect. If you're in a tearing hurry over something, you won't be amused if someone slows you up or throws a spanner in the works.


A friend is in a rather sober and downbeat state today and it could quickly rub off on you. For instance, they may be worried about something and you'll soon start to feel anxious too. There could be a slight air of reserve between you, which is nothing to worry about because it will soon pass. Carry on as though nothing's wrong and don't make a big thing of it.


Someone's breathing fire, so try to stay out of their way. Mind you, that may be easier said than done, especially if you happen to live with them or they're your boss. What's got them into this state, anyway? Could it have anything to do with you? Try not to make this person even more aggravated than they are already unless you enjoy rip-roaring rows and watching the plaster falling from the ceiling as a result of all the shouting that's going on.


This is a marvellous day for learning something new because it will make a big impact on you. It will also go into your brain and stay there! You could even be inspired to start thinking about getting involved in a long-term educational project, such as going back to school or signing up for a distance learning course. If you're planning a trip or holiday, check that all the arrangements are looking good.


Someone may be dear to your heart but they're being rather unapproachable today, making it hard to establish any sense of intimacy with them. Try not to take this too personally because there could be reasons for their behavior that have nothing to do with you. Maybe you should talk to them and find out what's going on, but don't be pushy or needy.


The atmosphere is somewhat combustible today, so mind how you go. Unfortunately, the better you know someone the more likely you are to have a row with them, especially if they're already annoyed about something. You might simply have the bad luck to stray into the firing line, but on the other hand maybe you're the reason for them feeling so angry in the first place? If so, you'd better say sorry.


What's wrong? You're in rather a state today and need to calm down. Maybe you've got too much to do and don't know where to start, or perhaps you're desperately trying to meet a deadline and you're wondering how that can be humanly possible. Try not to fritter away your energy on panicking or endlessly watching the clock. Instead, stay cool and work through everything on your list, starting with the top priority.

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