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Boredom is just a blink away today, so find constructive ways to keep it at bay. The moment you start to get fed up you'll want to stir up a little trouble or do things that make people sit up and take notice, both of which could land you in hot water. Is your present mood further proof that your daily schedule is tedious enough to make a chronic insomniac drop off to sleep? If so, you must decide what you're going to do about it.


If you get fed up with being thought of as a placid or pragmatic Taurean, you'll jump at the chance to show a different side to your personality today. In fact, the more you suspect that you've been put into a pigeon hole by other people, the more you'll want to do things that make them sit up and take notice. It's a question of how outrageous you dare to be!


You are absolutely determined to remind a certain person that you're an individual in your own right and that you want the freedom to be able to do your own thing. You'll cut up rough if you think you're being restricted in some way, especially by someone else's expectations or worldly responsibilities that have been put on your shoulders. You're longing to rebel, but be careful how you do this. You don't want to give yourself a bad name.


Introduce plenty of variety into your day, otherwise life will start to take on a rather stale and sluggish quality. Once this happens you'll do almost anything to liven things up again, which might mean stirring up trouble. It will be far better to skip your usual routine and have a change of scene, preferably involving some exercise so you can burn up any excess nervous energy.


A loved one could be careless of your feelings today, making what seem to you like crass or insensitive comments. Or maybe they're accusing you of something similar? It's difficult to keep a check on your emotions right now because you're in the grip of some rebellious feelings that demand to be expressed. But try to limit the damage as much as possible.


Are you fed up with your image? Bored with the way everyone expects you to behave? Then it's time to do something about it. However, you must be careful not to go over the top because that won't be very helpful even if it's fun at the time. You should also be prepared for certain people to resist these changes that you're making because they make them feel threatened or envious.


You're in a very erratic mood today, making it difficult to settle down to anything for long before you start to get bored or irritated. Ideally, you should have as many distractions and changes of pace as possible now, to keep yourself interested in what's going on around you. Concentrate when using sharp or hot objects to avoid becoming accident-prone.


Expect the unexpected today and you won't be disappointed. For a start, a partner could keep you on your toes when they do something you weren't expecting or they make a surprising announcement. Alternatively, you could be gripped by restless or impulsive urges that are screaming for expression. Handle them with care or they could cause havoc.


Don't take your eye off the ball if you're working on something fiddly or complex today because that's when mistakes could happen. You'll kick yourself if you mess up something through a momentary lapse of concentration. Ideally, you should double-check anything important to make sure that you've done it properly and haven't overlooked a vital element.


If you're fed up with your current image, or the opinion that most people seem to have of you, do something about it now. Even if you want to have instantaneous results, try not to to overdo it. You might wear some clothes that grab everyone's attention or which make a dramatic statement, so everyone gets the message loud and clear.


Carelessness with money could cause endless problems, Aquarius. Double-check, you might overlook something important, especially if you're dealing with an official financial matter such as your taxes or an insurance policy. You must also guard against a tendency to be slipshod, or to take reckless decisions on the spur of the moment.


You need to prove that you're an individual in your own right today, and you won't like it one bit if someone is trying to fit you into a neat stereotype or make you toe the line when you don't want to. You may even feel compelled to do something reckless or drastic in order to get your point across, but only do this if you've exhausted every other avenue without getting anywhere.

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