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The coming four weeks promise to be among the high points of your year, because love, laughter and entertainment are all on the agenda now. Given the choice between work and play, you'll choose the latter every time. Of course, this will have difficult repercussions if you really do neglect your duties, so try to find a balance between responsibility and recreation.


Between now and late August you'll want to spend a lot of time with familiar people, such as some of your nearest and dearest. You'll feel more comfortable when surrounded by friendly faces than if you're with strangers. This will also be a good opportunity to concentrate on your domestic plans and arrangements, especially if they could do with some improvements or modifications.


During the next four weeks it will be well worth thinking about the ways in which you communicate with other people. For instance, do you sometimes find that you've given the wrong impression or wound people up? If you'd like to change this, consider how you might be able to manage it. But don't get a thing about it because there are so many occasions on which you're charming, eloquent and smashing company.


Over the next four weeks your values will be even more important to you than usual. You even have experiences that remind you about some of your priorities in life, especially if you've had to neglect them recently. These values will encompass everything from what you spend your money on to your beliefs and the code by which you live your life.


You're blessed with extra self-confidence and energy during the coming four weeks, which is marvellous if you're hoping to make your mark on the world. But even if you've simply set your sights on wowing your own social circle, you'll be a massive success. This is also a great excuse for a change of image or a revamp of your wardrobe.


During the next four weeks you'll welcome any chance to retire from the rat race for a while and catch your breath. This might mean having some early nights for a change, or you could decide to reduce your social obligations for a short while in order to give you more time to yourself. You might also feel more shy or self-conscious than usual, and will want to avoid the spotlight as much as possible.


During the next four weeks you're drawn to groups of people who feel like kindred spirits. This might mean spending plenty of time with friends, or it could involve becoming actively involved in a group or organization that stands for some of the things you believe in. For instance, you might decide to join a humanitarian campaign or a pressure group.


During the next four weeks you'll be very concerned about the impression you're making on other people. You may even want to tone down your behavior in order to fit in with everyone else, or you could be overly concerned about keeping up with the Joneses. Is this because you're feeling insecure and are worried that you won't be accepted otherwise, or do you want to increase your own sense of self-importance by gaining the respect of others?


You'll be open to lots of different opportunities during the coming four weeks, and will want to make your life as exciting and enterprising as possible. In fact, you'll really feel in your element, and this will be even better if you're about to take off on holiday because you'll adore the chance to do some travelling. You're in a more fortunate position now than usual, but don't take this for granted because you still need to make an effort if you're to make the most of the luck swirling about you.


The next four weeks are a super opportunity to think long and hard about your relationships, and about what you expect from them. Do you depend on other people in the same way that a drowning man depends on a raft, or do you consider that you have the upper hand in most of your relationships? Be honest with yourself about all this, otherwise all this valuable self-analysis will be a complete waste of time.


Partnerships of all complexions come under the spotlight during the next four weeks, as the shining Sun moves through Leo, your seventh house. Friendships or a love affair could be affected as well as your connections with people who cause you problems. Look on this phase as a chance to improve your dealings with all these people and to create a more harmonious atmosphere with them.


The coming four weeks will be a busy time for you at work, so be prepared to put in more hours than usual or to have more on your agenda. Yet you won't want to skimp on anything or cut corners because you'll take great pride in doing tasks to the best of your ability. This will also be a good opportunity to pay more attention to your health and general well-being.

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