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You're in an industrious mood but you'll be happiest if you can work to your own schedule by yourself. That's because you're feeling rather private and self-contained today, and you don't want to have too many people around you if you can avoid it. You might also confide in someone you trust, in which case you'll get some valuable advice.


A friend has some good ideas and will try to persuade you to go along with them. Don't refuse without thinking things through carefully and listening to what they've got to say, because you may decide that their plans sound pretty good after all. It's also a great day for arranging a forthcoming journey or holiday.


Be careful if you're dealing with people in authority or power today because things won't always go according to plan. You'll also struggle to concentrate on anything for long, so ideally you should introduce plenty of variety into your day so you can chop and change from one task to the next as the fancy takes you. However, this classic Gemini behavior may puzzle onlookers, so be prepared for some odd comments.


Other people are full of encouragement today, so allow them to fire your enthusiasm. Someone might persuade you to arrange a forthcoming trip or holiday, or they could give the thumbs-up to your plan to study something new. You could also be intrigued and excited when you meet someone who comes from a different walk of life or another country, and who really gets your pulses racing.


It's a great day for making amends in a relationship, perhaps by apologizing for something you said recently or by getting in touch with someone you haven't seen for a while. It's a case of least said, soonest mended, so don't make a big song and dance out of the situation. Instead, say what you have to and then work hard at winning back the other person's affection.


Someone gives you a much-needed boost today. They might encourage you to do something you really want to try, or they could give you a pat on the back about something you've already done. Either way, you'll feel more positive and cheerful for having seen this person. If you're trying to pluck up the courage to ask someone out, this is a great day to do it. It should go much better than you'd feared.


Have a think about your usual daily routine today and then decide how you can liven it up a little. If you don't do anything yourself, you can fully expect fate to step in and do it for you. For instance, your plans could go haywire through no fault of your own, or machinery might break down without any warning. Take everything in your stride and go with the flow.


There's no knowing how things will go today, especially when it comes to the behavior of some of your loved ones. A certain person might behave in ways you aren't prepared for, especially if they're trying to shock everyone in the process. You could also discover that you have a surprise fan, or you might receive a compliment that you weren't expecting.


Family life has more than its fair share of ups and downs today, but don't worry because you'll weather the storms. The trick is not to allow yourself to get too emotionally involved, especially if you suspect that someone is trying to wind you up by behaving badly or altering all your plans at the last minute. The more disruptions you face today, the more you need to think about livening up your home life or getting yourself out of that rut you've tumbled into.


You'll enjoy getting involved in day-to-day activities today, such as going shopping, taking the dog for a walk or talking to your neighbors. What's more, you'll put a lot of energy into whatever you do, so it's almost bound to work out well. This is a particularly good day for taking part in a discussion or negotiation because you'll be able to put across your point of view with conviction but without ramming your ideas down other people's throats.


If you've been confused by a friend's behavior recently, this is your chance to get to the bottom of it. You won't have to give them the third degree, either, because they'll probably be happy to talk about what's been happening to them. In fact, today is good for increasing your understanding of anyone in your life, simply by talking to them and doing your best to see things from their point of view.


It's a great day for getting together with friends, especially if you're working together on plans for the future. You'll egg each other on, particularly if one of you starts to flag, and have a lot of fun in the process. If you're drawn into an intellectual debate, don't worry because you'll be able to say what you think and argue your case. Actually, you'll be rather impressed with the way you present your arguments!

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