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If you're a typical Aries you're a born romantic, and you'll enjoy getting the chance to prove it in weeks ahead. You might want to sweep someone wonderful off their feet or simply saturate yourself in the soppiest, sweetest and most sentimental books and films you can find. There could also be some behind-the-scenes flirting coming up for you!


Friends will be a tremendous refuge and support for you in weeks ahead, which is the perfect excuse to spend plenty of time with them. If you haven't seen a particular pal recently, why not arrange to get together again so you can catch up on all your news? Mind you, you may also be making some special new acquaintances between now and late March.


The next few weeks provide a chance to improve the atmosphere between you and your elders and betters. Make a point of talking to them as fellow human beings so you can find out who they really are. There's also a chance that you might become emotionally involved with someone who's much older or more influential than you.


Get ready to fall in love with something or someone exotic during the next four weeks! You could be dazzled by someone who comes from a completely different background to yours, or who is endlessly fascinating. Or you might visit another country and lose your heart to it. If you always eat the same sort of food, try experimenting with different ingredients or visit a restaurant that serves dishes you've never eaten before.


If you've lived with someone for a long time it's easy to take them for granted, but during the next few weeks you'll realize how important it is to appreciate them. If you're currently on your own, all that could soon change when you meet someone who bewitches and bothers you in the most exciting way you can possibly imagine. So watch this space!


Your relationships will take on even more significance than usual during the coming four weeks, so try to spend plenty of time with some of the people in your life. You'll be much more forgiving than usual, and prepared to overlook the sort of little foibles and habits that usually make you grit your teeth with irritation. You may even take this one step further and forgive someone for a major transgression. Good for you!


The next few weeks will be very interesting for you because there could be some fascinating developments at work. You might get friendly with a new workmate or fall in love with an existing colleague, or you may simply go through a delightful phase in which you get on well with all your fellow workers. Your health should be good, too, provided that you don't indulge in too much rich food and drink.


If you're a typical Scorpio you're usually so reserved that you put up emotional barriers between you and others, even if you aren't really aware of what you're doing. Well, those barriers start to come down during the next few weeks, allowing you to draw much closer to some of the people in your life. What's more, this will be easier than you imagine, because everyone will respond to you with warmth and eagerness. It will be a revelation.


Your domestic life has been littered with squalls and difficulties this February but you enter a calmer and more harmonious phase from today. And about time, too! Maybe this is your cue to say sorry if you've hurt someone, or to show how magnanimous you can be if someone else wants to apologize to you. During the next few weeks you could also be inspired to decorate your home or give your garden a facelift.


You'll ooze charm and diplomacy between now and mid-March, so don't you dare waste it! Instead, you need to get out and about as much as possible, and also to mix with the people you see on an almost daily basis. You'll enjoy getting involved in a local event, such as a fund-raiser or a neighborhood action group, and it might expand your social life at the same time.


During the next four weeks you concentrate on the people and things that give you the greatest pleasure and contentment. You'll feel cheated if you can't do this, and it will feel as though something major is missing from your life. If you have some money to spare, you'll enjoy buying beautiful things that will increase in value over time.


The next three weeks are perfect for taking extra care of yourself and cramming in as much pampering as possible. You might decide to take a short break from work in which you can please yourself rather than be at everyone's beck and call, or your social life could increase by leaps and bounds. You'll also enjoy treating yourself to some new clothes or make- up, to enhance your image.

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