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You're ready to go and there's certainly plenty that you need to tackle right now. So thank goodness you're in an upbeat and energetic mood! This is the perfect day for defending your ideas and standing up for yourself when necessary, but don't go about this like a bull in a china shop. You may even have the most success with other people now if you can rein in your natural Arien ebullience and take things a little more gently.


Don't expect everything to go according to plan today. Although it's highly unlikely that all your arrangements will unravel before your very eyes, nevertheless you should be prepared for some last-minute changes to take place. You'll have to think on your feet, and also give up any idea that you can control your environment because, right now, you can't.


Believe it or not, 2015 is only around the corner and this is a great day for thinking about what you want to achieve in the year ahead. Don't be afraid to aim further than usual or to consider options that would normally seem far-fetched or too ambitious. Right now, you have fabulous clarity of vision and know exactly what you're capable of, given half a chance.


You're in a very lively mood today, so why not do something that reflects it! Ideally, this should be a departure from your usual routine or a complete change of scenery. And if you can't manage anything like that immediately you should try to arrange it for later in the weekend, so you can look forward to it.


You're blessed with plenty of vitality and enthusiasm today for anything that you want to do. You'll even manage to drum up the energy to tackle tasks that aren't exactly in your top ten but which nevertheless need your attention. If you're taking part in a local or neighborhood activity, don't be surprised if you're asked to take a more dominant role in the future.


Unlike yesterday, your energy levels are high, helping you handle whatever is on your agenda. You'll be especially effective when dealing with financial matters because you'll be determined to get things sorted out and this unspoken message will be transmitted to whoever you're talking to. It's also a good day for making contact with people in power or authority over you.


You're filled with the spirit of adventure today, putting you in an enterprising and positive mood. The thought of rising to a challenge or proving your worth is far too attractive to resist, so you'll want to push yourself further than usual. You could also be quite vociferous when talking about a cause that you champion or a political problem that incenses you.


You're in the mood for a little excitement today, especially if you need cheering up. So what do you have in mind? Try to do something that's a complete departure from your usual routine, even if it's only for a short while. You'll soon get fed up otherwise and will start looking for less constructive ways of entertaining yourself.


If you don't agree with someone, you'll manage to say so without treading on their toes or making a big fuss. So this is a brilliant day for taking part in a discussion because you'll have no qualms about saying what you think. It's also a good opportunity to sort out a mix-up with a friend.


The best way to spend today is to vary your routine as much as possible. There are days when you take comfort from sticking to a strict schedule, but this isn't one of them. You'll enjoy being flexible and versatile, and possibly even switching from one activity to another as the mood takes you. This will do you good, both emotionally and physically.


What a great start to the month! You're in such a good mood, feeling energetic, optimistic and keen to get as much out of the day as possible. Try to fit in lots of exercise, as you will enjoy the activity. Leave the car at home and walk to your destination instead, or dash up and down stairs instead of taking the lift.


It's a very lively start to the month, with lots of enjoyable comings and goings. If you're out and about, you might bump into someone you weren't expecting to see but who's a sight for sore eyes. An unexpected invitation might also come your way, much to your delight. If you're out shopping, you'll enjoy buying items that are unusual or not your normal style.

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