Governor Signs Final Bills from 2012 Session

By: From 13 News
By: From 13 News

TOPEKA – Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has signed the final 11 bills of the 2012 Legislative Session into law, bringing the total number of new laws this session to 173. He also vetoed three bills and let two bills become law without his signature during the session.

The final bills signed by the Governor are:

House Sub. for SB 434 allows the Department of Corrections to purchase the Saint Francis Boys' Home in Ellsworth, KS for conversion into a corrections facility and sell a parcel of land near the Hutchinson Correctional Facility to Reno County for the purpose of building a county jail.

Sub. for HB 2382 extends Sales Tax and Revenue (STAR) Bonds from July 1, 2012, to July 1, 2017 and the maximum stated rate of interest which may be fixed on fixed-rate or variable-rate bonds issued by a municipality or taxing subdivision of Kansas from July 1, 2012, to July 1, 2017.

HB 2435 amends the Vocational Education Scholarship, deals with state universities and negotiated contracts, extends a sunset on private and out-of-state postsecondary fees, changes requirements related to remedial education and the qualified admissions standards at state education institutions, and authorizes individual plans for success for students admitted under the minimum admissions standards.

HB 2494 updates the Self-Service Storage Act concerning sale of stored property when an occupant is in default. Specifically, prior to sale, storage operators are required to notify the occupant of the default by email, if the occupant has provided an email address to the operator, in addition to sending notice by first-class mail at the occupant's last-known address, which is already required. The second notice of default also is required by email, if the occupant has provided an email address, in addition to notice by first-class mail. The bill also removes the requirement that the advertisement for the sale list the items released for sale.

HB 2729 allows Kansans to purchase a nontransferable park and recreation motor vehicle permit when they register their vehicles; sets motor vehicle permit fees for state park admissions and requires the applicant for the motor vehicle permit to consent to the sharing of information, including, but not limited to, the applicant's name, address, email address, and phone number with the Secretary of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism by the Division of Motor Vehicles.

House Sub. for SB 60 amends various administrative and criminal statutes related to driving under the influence (DUI) and allow the issuance of class C licenses for the operation of a motorized bicycle to certain persons with suspended or revoked drivers' licenses.

HB 2175 creates the Kansas Geographic Information Systems Policy Board within the Office of Information Technology Services to coordinate and promote efficiency in geographic information systems used throughout Kansas.

Senate Sub. for Sub. for HB 2333 amends the Tiers 1 and 2 of the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System and adds Tier 3—Cash Balance plan for future members of the state, school, and local public employee groups.

Senate Sub. for HB 2390 phases out the KAN-ED network by having the Kansas Board of Regents transition schools, libraries and hospitals with a KAN-ED connection as of January 1, 2012, to a commercial broadband internet connection by June 30, 2013. The Department of Commerce will oversee a needs assessment to help the Board of Regent to facilitate the transition of distance learning and telemedicine.

HB 2792 reconciles statutes amended during the 2012 Legislative Session and previous Legislative sessions. The bill would also make other technical adjustments.

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