Typhoon Fitow Creates Major Flooding In China

Some towns in Anji County in east China's Zhejiang province were flooded on Tuesday as torrential rainfall brought by Typhoon Fitow raised river levels to a record high.

Traffic in Meixi Township, one of the most severely flooded towns, has been totally cut off as half of the town is flooded. Residents and relief materials have to be transferred by boats.

According to authorities, more than 7,000 residents in the town have been evacuated to safety, while some people living in residential high-rises remain in their homes.

According to monitoring data, as of 17:00 on Tuesday, the water level of the river in Meixi Township dropped to 6.75 meters from a record high of 7.38 meters.

"At a speed like this, I think the floodwater will recede tomorrow at noon if there is no rainfall," Guan Yongfeng, chief of Meixi Township said.