The Goose's Second Chance

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Topeka, KAN. (WIBW)--Remember the 6th and Gage goose's tangled mess? Fishing line was wound so tightly around the goose's right leg, he was unable to rest it on the ground. Luckily the goose had friends willing to help. Including one special man who went to great lengths, or rather depths, to make his rescue possible.


"It's one of those things you grab the goose whatever way you have to. You can't help the animal until you have him. It may be true as what some people refer to as just a goose but it was an animal in pain and no animal should remain in pain when you have the means to remove that pain and restore it to good health," said Dennis Dinwittie, Education Curator of the Topeka Zoo.

Dr. Shipman of the Gage Animal Hospital did by removing the fishing line. Then the goose could once again fly freely in the fresh air. He may lip for a while but there was no bone showing. And that means there is no long term damage. So he is best off rehabilitating where he's the most comfortable... His home at 6th and Gage!