Mulvane Art Museum's Record Breaking Celebration

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Clearly Legos are not just for kids. Nathan Sawaya’s “Art of the Brick" exhibit proves that.

4-year-old Elijah Springer and 7-year-old Aidan Slavin walked through the doors of Mulvane Art Museum together and were met with applause and a box of their very own Legos. They were both named visitor number 40,000 to see the exhibit "Art of the Brick."

"We like being winners. Me and him never have been winners before... I never won a box of Legos before," said Aidan Slavin.

And these two aren't the only ones who feel like winners. Sawaya's exhibit is clearly drawing in numbers. Mulvane typically sees 3,000 visitors a month but since June 16th has seen 40,000.

Part of the draw is the artist's ability to transform a household toy into a work of fine art. Another is his ability to inspire through his sculptures.

"It makes me happy and kind of surprised," said Elijah Springer.

Elijah and Aidan continued through the museum and found themselves enjoying the celebration cake, along with the 28 Lego sculptures.

The "Art of the Brick" will remain at the Mulvane Art Museum until Septermber 18th.

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