Charlie Sheen's "Two And A Half Men" Character To Get Funeral On Premiere?

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(CBS) - The first "Two and a Half Men" season without Charlie Sheen will reportedly open with a funeral for his character.

According to, past girlfriends of Charlie Harper, the character Sheen played for seven seasons before getting fired in March, will stop by and pay their respects in the two-part season premiere.

The episode will also have Harper's Malibu home go up for sale, and a few celebrities will make cameos as potential buyers, providing an entrance for Ashton Kutcher's character.

In June, TMZ reported that producers decided to kill off Sheen's character on the show by having him drive off a cliff.

The first episode will be filmed this Friday, and according to Deadline, producers are trying to keep details of the Sept. 19 premiere under wraps and will ask audience members at the taping to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Tell us: Do you think this is a good way to eliminate Sheen from the show?