Get Your WIBW Ringtone!

Now you can take the WIBW news team with you wherever you go. Just download our easy to install ringtones and let Ralph, Melissa, Jeremy, or any other member of 13 News alert you with the "Breaking News" that someone's calling for you.

Check out the instructions below to see how easy it is to download and install your ringtone and then click on anyone of the 13 News team to get their personalized ringtones.

How to install ringtones onto your phone


If you have an Apple® iPhone™ mobile digital device, use the download instructions below.

* Download a ringtone file (M4R format) to a directory of your choosing on your computer.

Import to iTunes

* Double click the file to open it in iTunes and import it into the ringtones library.

Sync to phone

* Plug your iPhone into your computer.
* Click on iPhone.
* Click on ringtones tab.
* Make sure that the “sync ringtones” checkbox is checked.
* Click “sync.”

Set as ringtone

* Use your iPhone to set the ringtone as you normally would – either as the default ringtone or assigned to a contact.

If you have a smartphone, use the download instructions below.

Other Phones

Most smartphones can play MP3 files as ringtones. The process for downloading and installing ringtones to a smartphone may vary greatly based on phone, operating system, and service provider. Check your phone’s user manual or your provider’s website. Download a ringtone (MP3 format).

Some providers may limit your access to ringtones not sold through their site. You can still enjoy the MP3s on your computer!