Lake of the Ozarks Bridge Inspected

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The deck truss design of the Minneapolis bridge was used in one Missouri bridge at the Lake of the Ozarks.

The 1930's bridge known as the Hurricane Deck bridge goes over the Osage Arm of Lake of the Ozarks.

Since Wednesday's collapse in Minnesota, Missouri State inspectors have been examining the Highway 5 bridge to make certain the bridge is safe.

K-DOT says it will follow a request from the United States Secretary of Transportation that all bridges like the I35 West bridge be inspected.

Three of the bridges are on the I-70 system in Kansas City, they will get their annual inspection the week of August 13th as scheduled, the others are scheduled for inspection later in the year.

K-DOT says reviewing the reports will determine if it should make changes to the inspection schedule.

Bridges Like Minneapolis Bridge

U.S. 59 over MO River, Atchison
U.S. 69 over KS River, 18th St., KCK
U.S. 169 N over KS River, KCK
I-70 W over RR tracks, Fairfax
I-70 E over KS River, Wyandotte Co.
I-70 W over KS River, Wyandotte Co.

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