ATV Dangers

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Attorney General Paul Morrison and the Kansas State Child Death Review Board caution parents about the dangers of all-terrain vehicles(ATV).

According to the Kansas Department of Transportation, there have been approximately 595 ATV-related accidents since 2000 and 110,000 injuries.

Children under 6 account for one-third of both deaths and accidents.

Morrison recommends that parents follow safety precautions before letting their children operate an ATV:

1) Thoroughly read the ATV owner's manual.
2) Before you operate an ATV, make certain you are wearing the proper attire: a helmet,gloves,long pants,boots, and eye protection.
3) Never operate an ATV after drinking alcohol, taking drugs, or while drowsy.
4) Children under 12 should not operate an ATV.
5) Riders need to use caution when riding near roadways.
6) To reduce the risk of rollovers, pay attention to the terrain on which you will be traveling.

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