Topeka Bridges Worry Drivers

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The Minnesota bridge collapse is leaving many Topekan's wondering if it could happen again in Topeka.

"It could happen there it could happen anywhere," said Mary Goodwin.

It's been 42- years since the Kansas Avenue Melan bridged collapsed into the Kansas River but yesterday's tragedy is leaving some Kansas drivers wondering if it could happen again.

"I have to admit after last night we talked a little about the bridge here in Topeka that's being replaced," said Tim Kearney.

He is not the only one who had Topeka bridges on their minds since learning of the devastating collapse.

"I really didn't ever think about it but when something like that happens it makes you think twice," said concerned driver, Laurie Rand.

For mothers with children these thoughts turn into nagging questions.

"It's just always in the back of your mind that a bridge could collapse and you know what if you have children in the back of your car what do you do?" said Mary Goodwin, concerned mother.

Concerns about a bridge collapsing again in Topeka are making some drivers take precautions.

"I usually slow down just to make sure I'm not going too fast and pay attention to wants going on," said Rand.

They're also paying attention to what they see traveling over a bridge.

"Occasionally you'll cross a bridge you'll see the paints falling off or the service is very poor and needs repair and you have to wonder how safe is this thing?" said Kearney.

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