Good News For Greensburg

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Friday, Governor Kathleen Sebelius again visited the tornado-ravaged town of Greensburg to meet with local residents and leaders to get an update on the rebuilding process.
The Governor said she was impressed with the recovery effort so far.
“It’s remarkable to see the progress being made,” Sebelius said. “Signs of rebuilding are popping up all over town. The school is set to open on-time in August and building permits have been approved for projects throughout the community.”
Sebelius said the recovery will be aided by steps the federal government is taking at her request and at the urging of Kansas’ congressional delegation.
One of those is additional flexibility to use existing federal resources to meet Greensburg’s needs, which was a topic of a meeting Sebelius had last week with U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine Chao.
Kansas’ senators followed up by including language granting that flexibility in the Senate version of the Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill, which passed that chamber last night.
“I want to thank our senators for their work, particularly Senator Roberts, and I urge the House to act quickly so Greensburg’s recovery isn’t hampered by federal red tape,” Sebelius said.
The Governor also raised her concerns about the potential health hazards for Kansans caused by FEMA travel trailers. Paulison promised additional information by Monday so decisions can be made about temporary housing in Southeast Kansas.

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