Stopping Identity Theft

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With today's technical capabilities identity theft is a growing problem.

Former FBI agent Jon Gauntt hosted a special presentation on identity theft in the 21-st century and how to prevent it from happening.

"Our lives are very complex and more information we have about it what could happen and give strategies to prevent it and what to look for the better protected we can be," said Jon Gauntt.

Keys To Preventing Identity Theft
1) Do not carry the Social Security Card.
2) Do not use the social security number as the identification or account for any card.
3) Get rid of any unused credit cards.
4) Get your photo added to your credit card.
5) Use only one credit card for your purse or wallet.
6) Retrieve mail daily.
7) Shred any unwanted mail.
8) Do not give personal information over phone or on internet.
9) Get free credit reports
10) Order checks with only your initials, your last name, and your address.

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