Friend of Victim Speaks on Sutton's Arrest

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A friend of the victim who believes Errol Sutton beat and sexually assaulted her speaks out.

"She was always afraid looking over her shoulder to see if her was around," said friend and care taker of victim, Gwen Evans.

But tonight, there is relief after hearing the news Errol Sutton is behind bars, more than two months after allegedly attacking a woman.

"He beat her so bad the ER doctor said if she was any smaller she would have not survived the attack she would have died," said Evans.

Police believe Sutton fled Topeka with the victims car. They found the car in Tonganoxie three days after the attack but Sutton was no where to be found, until last week.

Police in Springfield, Illinois arrested him for retail theft and an out of state warrant. Sutton was transferred Tuesday to Topeka.

"De has been charged with one count of aggravated criminal sodomy, one count of aggravated robbery and one count of aggravated battery with intention to create bodily harm," said Shawnee County District Attorney, Robert Hecht.

The arrest is the perfect medicine for the victim as she continues to heal the emotional and physical scars left from the attack.

"I think the news today is the best for her I think she will just take off to the stars with her healing," said Evans.

Sutton was on probation for stabbing a woman in the foot when he allegedly committed this attack.

The DA tells 13 News Sutton could face mandatory prison time that would be added on to the stabbing sentence if found guilty.

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