Tournament Time Adds Up for Employers

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Cheap tacos are on the menu at Tailgators. But it's what's on the big screen that's driving these lunch hour customers. "It's the best month of the year, we look forward to it all year," said Dustin Hawks. "My friends thought it would be fun to meet somewhere, watch the games and have fun," said Aaron Bachelor.

Reports show this years tournament time could cost employers more than 1 billion dollars in lost productivity. "I have friends who treat this Thursday and Friday as a national holiday," said Bob Schuster, who works for Kennedy and Coe LLC.

But there will be plenty of bracket competitions, score checking, and
hashing over big plays with co-workers to take time from the work day.
One study showed only about six percent of those surveyed actually plan to block workers from getting NCAA information online.

Some bosses even are getting into March Madness with their employees. "Even if you say no, they're going to do it anyway. We just tell employees to also get some work done. I'm even checking scores." said Bob Schuster.

And not to crash the party, but a reminder that exchanging any money
with your office brackets is technically illegal!

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