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Before you send photos or video to WIBW, please fill out the form below, so our producers and editors know to expect your submission and have some information about the event you are reporting on.

1.Tell us a little bit of basic information about the event you're reporting on.
Date of Event*
Time of Event*
About how many people were there?*
2.Tell us a little about yourself in case we need more information about your report.
First Name* M.I. Last Name*

Email Address* Daytime Phone Evening Phone
3.Can you give us a brief description of your report? Start with a summary so our producers can know what you're reporting on. (example: region matchup between xxx and yyy girls' volleyball) Then add any highlights you can remember that would be of interest.*
4.Are you sending us footage or pics of your news story?*
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Yes. I am sending pictures.
Yes. I am sending video.
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How to Send Photos to WIBW

  1. Start a new email and address it to Ureport@wibw.com.
  2. Attach your photos to the email.
  3. Create a title for your submission and put it in the subject line.
  4. Describe your submission in the body of the email, to give WIBW producers an idea of what's going on and where in the photos.
  5. Send the email!

How to Send Videos to WIBW

  1. Create your video as an mpeg file with a resolution of 720x480.
  2. Go to Large Files ASAP.
  3. Click the Select File area or Browse button and choose the video file you want to send WIBW.
  4. Enter WIBW's Ureport@wibw.com as the To email address.
  5. Fill out the From field with your own email address.
  6. In the Subject and Message fields write a word to two to help us match you video with your Ureport.
  7. Click the next button. The options menu will appear, but you don't have to choose any of these. Just click the green Send Now button.
  8. Watch on the main page as your file is uploaded. This may take a few minutes. Don't leave the Large Files ASAP page until your file is fully uploaded, or WIBW will not receive it.
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