Statement from Attorney General Paul Morrison:

Statement from Attorney General Paul Morrison:

“I have spent my entire career and most of my life in public service. First, as a line prosecutor for eight years, then for eighteen years as Johnson County District Attorney. And now as Attorney General. My priority has never been politics. It has always been to do a good job for the people I serve.

“Throughout my career, I have always fought for justice as a prosecutor. I’ve represented the victims and their families in their search for justice. I’ve held others accountable for their actions, and now I must be held accountable for my mistakes. Many people feel betrayed by my actions. And they have every right to feel that way.

“I’ve made mistakes in my personal life, but I have always obeyed our laws and done the right thing as a professional.

“I ran for Attorney General because I believed Kansans deserved a prosecutor dedicated to putting criminals behind bars, not someone preoccupied with politics.

“The Kansas Office of the Attorney General does so much to protect Kansas families and enforce the laws of this state. During this first year, I done everything I can to rebuild this office.

“In just one year, we have accomplished so much. We got the office back on track, started a domestic violence unit, cracked down on cyber crime and refocused the office on the basics of law enforcement. I have had the pleasure of working with many wonderful, hard working Kansans and law enforcement officers.

“Because of my actions in my personal life, many people have stopped believing in me which is damaging the office, my staff and the State.

“My actions caused pain and sadness to many people I love. I have been working for some time to get right with God, get right with my family and get right with friends and address my personal problems—and I will continue to do so.

“In order to preserve the public’s confidence in this office, today I am announcing my resignation as Attorney General effective Friday, January 31st, 2008.

“After careful thought and deliberation, I have concluded that my resignation is in the best long-term interests of the people of Kansas.

“Not because I have ever done anything contrary to the laws of this state or the ethical standards of my profession, but because law enforcement should be the focus of this office, not my personal life.

“I’ve always been a fighter. I’ve never backed down from challenges. I have great faith in our system of justice and believe the truth ultimately comes out. And it will in this case.

“I pledge to spend the next month working with the staff of this office to ensure a smooth transition. I am proud to have provided leadership to this office and I am confident my dedicated team will continue to do great things for the people of Kansas.”