Statement from Paul Morrison

The following statement from Paul Morrison:

"Many of the claims made by Linda Carter to the Topeka Capital-Journal are
patently false.

"Any allegations of discrimination or harassment are blatantly and patently
false. These false claims are especially perplexing given that Mrs. Carter
repeatedly sought employment in the Attorney General's office after I was
sworn in.

"Unfortunately, it is true, however, that I once had a consensual
relationship with Mrs. Carter. And I profoundly regret that I did. Many of
the details Mrs. Carter dished to the newspaper regarding the nature of our
relationship are absolutely false.

"Mrs. Carter's false allegations are being leveled more than eleven months
after my employment at the Johnson County District Attorney's Office ended.

"Any allegation that I used the relationship to influence litigation is
absolutely false. The only people attempting to use this painful and
personal information for their own benefit are Mrs. Carter and her boss,
Phill Kline.

"My actions caused pain and sadness to many people I love. I have been
working for the past year to repair the damage this relationship caused to
others. And I ask you to respect my privacy as I work through these painful
issues privately.

"I sincerely apologize for this failing in my personal life and I pledge to
continue to fight for the safety and security of Kansans to the best of my
ability. I will continue to defend the people of this state and perform my
public duties as I have my entire career."

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