Tornado Deaths Causing More Demand For Storm Shelters

By: Justin Surrency Email
By: Justin Surrency Email

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__Dave Fisher, owner of Tornado Alley Shelters in Topeka, Kansas posed the question, "If something were to happen, do you know mentally that you are going to be ok?"

More and more people are questioning their safety after recent weather disasters in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. Tornadoes left behind rubble and dozens of casualties. Coinciding with the demand to pitch in for relief efforts, is an increased demand for precautionary measures.

David, a contractor for over two decades says, "It's been pretty busy, we specialize in residential below ground shelters. Around here, an EF-1 to a mid EF-3 you will be ok if you take cover in a basement.

But David says most homes in Kansas just are not built to withstand tornadoes like the one that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma.

He says, "In Kansas you have to remember that most of the homes have wooden floor, they aren't made of concrete, only the surrounding walls are."

Storm shelters made of solid concrete can cost as low as $5,000. While that can seem like a steep price, it is better to have it and not need it, than the other way around.

"If you are in a storm shelter 10 feet in the ground, six inches thick, there is no way an EF-5 tornado is picking up that 8 ton shelter. You will live another day," says David.

If you have a storm shelter already or plan on having one put in, it is important your local fire department knows about it so they know where to look for you in the event of a disaster.

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