Baby Addax Born At Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure In Salina

By: Press Release Posted By Lindsey Rogers
By: Press Release Posted By Lindsey Rogers

SALINA, Kan. – On Monday, June 4th, Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure welcomed a new baby addax to the zoo – and the world. The yet-to-be named addax was identified early Tuesday as male. He is the first baby from Aamira, a five-year-old female and Ziplock, who is seven. Aamira is already proving to be a good mother, keeping her treasured offspring well protected. Both mother and baby are on view to the public in the Addax exhibit at Rolling Hills Zoo.

“A birth of this species is extremely important”, says Peter Burvenich, Curator at Rolling Hills. “Addax are facing serious threats to their survival and programs like the Species Survival Program through AZA and the Sahara Conservation Fund – both of which Rolling Hills participates in – are helping to make a difference in the continuity of this species”.

The addax is a critically endangered species of antelope that lives in the Sahara desert. Also known as the screwhorn antelope, this pale antelope has long, twisted horns. It is closely related to the oryx, but differs from other antelopes by having large square teeth like cattle and lacking the typical facial glands. The addax is mainly a herbivore, and is adapted to live in areas with great water scarcity. It can be easily hunted by its predators due to its slow walking pace.

Males weigh an average of 250 lbs and females, about 160 lbs. The coloring of their coat varies from a greyish brown with white hind quarters and legs in the winter, to long brown hair on the head, neck, and shoulders. In the summer, the coat turns almost completely white or sandy blonde. Their head is marked with brown or black patches that form an ‘X’ over their nose. They have a scraggly beard and prominent red nostrils. Long black hairs stick out between their curved and spiraling horns, ending in a short mane on the neck. The addax naturally lives up to 19 years, but the life span can be extended to 25 years under captivity.

Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure, a non-profit organization, features a world-class zoo, a state-of-the-art wildlife museum, full service catering, a conference center, and unique educational and volunteer opportunities and programs. For more information on the addax at Rolling Hills, contact Peter Burvenich, curator, at 785-827-9488 ext. 127 or email

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