Heartland Visioning Task Force to Meet for First Time

TOPEKA, Kan. - The Heartland Visioining Task Force will hold its first meeting Thursday, July 10th at the Ramada Hotel, 420 SE 6th St., Topekea, at 8:00 a.m.

Nearly 200 Shawnee County citizens make up the Vision Task Force. Task Force members were selected from more than 890 Applications for Involvement received by the Heartland Visioning office.

The Heartland Visioning Task Force represents all parts of Shawnee County. Their role is to discuss and create the first draft of the vision plan. They will be using the comments and suggestions received since the visioning project started, facts and data about the community and personal experience.

The first meeting will involve introductions of the 200 member Task Force, becoming familiar with the work materials and process, and developing key benchmarks to measure progress over the five to 20 year implementation.

In subsequent meetings, the Vision Task Force will discuss and identify community core values and strategies to work on under the six foundations.
July 17 Education and Quality of Life, Washburn University
July 24 Infrastructure and Economic Development, Holliday Inn Holidome
July 31 Government and Private Sector Leadership, Holliday Inn Holidome

Members of the Vision Task Force:
Aldridge, Erin
Alexander, Jack
Altman, Joanne
Anderson, Livingston Vann, Jr.
Atwood, Erin
Austin, Andrea
Barnard, Barbara
Bartlett Piland, Martha
Bell, Michael
Benaka, Tom
Bergmann, Billie Jean
Bertels, Terry
Bevens, Matthew
Bey, Adrian LaMont
Bisnett, Lacey
Blair, Ben
Bonaparte, Jr., Norton
Bowen, Brock
Breeding, Juanita
Briman, Steve
Brokke, Ryan
Bronson, Shawnette M.
Brown, Ron
Brown, Gary
Bruns, David
Bruns Works, Pam
Buchele, Ana
Buckner, Mike
Buhler, Shelly
Bunten, Mayor Bill
Burke, Kelly
Burns, Amy
Canady, Linda
Caruthers, Gary
Caspers, Eileen
Cervantes-Reed, Rio
Chaika, Jason
Clarke, Heather
Coller, Pamela
Cushinberry, Dale
Cushinberry, Garry
DeBacker, Jeff`
Defries, Lucky
Deines, Jim
Dick, Verla
Dicus, John
Dietrich, Brenda
Dilione, Art
Dobler, Neil
Doran, Patrick
Douglas Jr., Joe
Downes, Stephanie
Downing, Shaye
DuBoise, Glenda
Dyer, Ryan
Eckert, Rich
Ellis, Tom
Ensle, Steven
Escalante, DeAnn
Escalante, Tom
Fager, Beth
Farley, Jerry
Feaker, Barry
Flanders, Morgan
Flowers, Scott
Flynn, Konni
Frye, Vince
Garcia, Elias
Gassie, Samantha
Gerstner, Andrew
Gibson, Jeremy
Gigous, Ryan
Gigous, Gwen
Giles, Howard
Golubski, Kate
Gordon, Lana
Gray, Jack
Grieves, Kevin
Gros, Carrie
Gutierrez, Al
Guzman, Rudy
Hall, Stephan
Haynes, Venita
Hearrell, Kristen
Heeney, Marjorye
Heit, David
Hennessey, Olga
Hicks, Joan
Hicks, T.D.
Hill, Jennifer
Hughes, Amanda
Hunter, John
Jackson, Tessa
Jackson, Angela
Jenkins, Steve
Johnson, Sandra
Johnson, Eric
Johnson, Nancy
Kelly, LauraKerns, Ashley
Kerr, Frank
Kinsinger, Doug
Koker, Andrea
Koupal, Carl
Krehbiel, Miriam
Lambert, Willie
Lechner, Marcy
Lemon, Onis
Lewis-Childs, Angela
Lyons, Jocelyn
Maag, Jim
Mahoney, Susan
Marling, Mark
Marquardt, Christel
Martin, Quentin L.
Martinez, Fred
Mays, Doug
McCarthy, Peg
McCullough, Ann
McFalls, Vern
McGee, Chris
Miller, Ron
Millsap, Gina
Moore, Roger
Moore, Bill
Nichols, Rocky
Noble, Tom
Nolle, David
Ogle, Jim
Oliverius, Maynard
Overstreet, Glenda
Padilla, Mike
Parks, Blanche
Parrish, Jim
Patton, Fred
Perez, Manuel
Perry, Nancy
Pettit, Jancy
Pezzino, Gianfranco
Philippi, Whitney
Powers, Ramon
Prichard, Jenny
Rees, Riley
Ribelin, Kim
Romero, Angel
Ross, Elizabeth
Ross, Bill
Rubio, Luce
Rutherford, Janie
Satter, Gary
Saylor, Mark
Scheid, Tamra
Schrader, Michael
Schultz, Kim
Scott, Debra
Serrano, Ed
Seymour, Kaelyn
Sharafy, Azyz
Shaughnessy, Nancy
Shaver, Michaela
Sheahan, Marsha
Sheley, Alissa
Sheley, Brandon
Sherrod, Ehren
Smith, Kathy
Smrha, Charles
Sodergren, Chuck
Stone, Joshanna L.
Stubblefield, Michelle
Swank, Deborah
Swank, Tom
Teeter, Stanley
Tenpenny, Ben
Tipton, Danette
Urbom, Kathleen
Utemark, ReAnne
Viola, Roger
Walker, Dona
Walsh, Denise
Watson, Phillip
Waugh, Steve
Weingartner, Alice
Weishaar, Martin
Wenrich, Ryan
Wethington, Dana
Wiggins, Barbara
Williams, Doris
Williams, Kathleen
Williams, Errol
Woods, Patrick
Works, Gracie
Wright, Dawn
Wright-Powers, Melissa
Zellers, Sally

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