Protecting your Pet on the 4th of July

TOPEKA - The Topeka Police Department Animal Control Office wants everyone to have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July, including our four-legged friends. The Animal Control Office would like to remind people about pet care during the upcoming Fourth of July.

* Keep your pet indoors in a safe and secure room. Turn on a fan, radio or TV to muffle the sound of fireworks.

* Don't bring your pet to a fireworks display.

* If you know from past experience that your pet will suffer from severe anxiety caused by the loud noise of fireworks, you may consider talking with your vet several days in advance about giving your pet a mild tranquilizer.

* If your pet behaves nervously by pacing, whining, or crying, distract your pet by playing with him or doing something he enjoys. Don't stroke, pet or reassure him by saying, "Don't worry. It's okay." This may actually reinforce your pet's anxious behavior.

* If your pet will be outside, make sure your pet wears an appropriately fitted collar and an I.D. tag with your current phone number and address. Your pet should also be wearing a current license/rabies tag.

* Also, as the weather continues staying hot, here are a few reminders for keeping your pets safe and healthy:

Hot Weather Tips:

* Never leave an animal in a car in the summer.
* Make sure they have plenty of cool, fresh water available and plenty of shade available.
* Watch for signs of heat stroke: pale gums, lethargic, heavy panting, loss of consciousness and seizures. Seek immediate vet care if dog is in distress!
* Hot pavement and asphalt can burn the pads on their feet.
* Don't over exercise them in extreme heat.
* Watch for signs of heat exhaustion in your pet.

If you have any questions, please contact the Animal Control Office at 368-9484 or contact your veterinarian.

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