Those in Jewell in Shock After Tornado Sweeps The Town

By: Brian Dorman Email
By: Brian Dorman Email

(Jewell, KS) -- Daylight shows the destruction left by the aftermath of a tornado in the city of Jewell.

Several homes and business destroyed and even a few people injured, thankfully no one lost their life.

For a moment those in Jewell thought it was just a close call.

"I had been watching the weather and they said it was south of us, so I didn't think too much of it," Leroy Borbon said whose trucking business was destroyed in the storm.

"My family was in the basement and I thought it was going to miss us, obviously it didn't," Todd Adolph said, who is a volunteer firefighter for Jewell.

"All at once here comes my neighbor running yelling Davey it's's coming and we ran to the basement and when we hit the front door ten seconds later and it all broke loose," Dave Engel said while standing in front of his leveled two story home.

Dave and his neighbors ran to the basement and moments later they looked up and all they could see is sky.

"It happened so fast that we didn't have time to plan for it. It just happened so quick," Engel said.

"Everything was just on top of us, all the debris was just all on top of us," Susan Flinn said as she pointed to her leg injury.

"I felt something come over on my head and shoulders, it just sounded terrible," Leroy Borbon recalls as he hid in his work shed.

Leroy was inside his family owned truck shop hunched down in the bathroom when the tornado ripped his shop to shreds.

"I got a phone call saying they couldn't hear from dad, no one was able to find dad," Eric Borbon, Leroy's son said.

But Leroy was okay, just shaken, his son was too, "I didn't even care bout the trucks just knowing he was that close to not making it."

Susan Flinn will be okay too; thankful to be alive.

"I had to go to the emergency room because my leg go hurt by the debris and stuff. So that's where I was at two this morning."

Now with a lot of help he community has come together to help one another.

"It's pretty awesome to see this community come together like this," Adolph said.

"We will clean it up, it was built once, we can build it again," Borbon said.

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