Changing 100 Lives in 100 Minutes

By: Stephanie Ramos Email
By: Stephanie Ramos Email

100 Opthamologists nationwide agreed to help people with cataracts. The vision company Bausch & Lomb donated 100 pairs of lenses on the 100th day of the year and they had 100 surgeons insert the lenses in 100 minutes.

Dr. Arla Genstler is one of 100 surgeons nationwide that changed someone's failing eyesight. The program Changing 100 Lives in 100 Minutes improves patients' eyesight and many may never need glasses again.

Bausch & Lomb which manufactures the crystalens intraocular lens for cataracts, donated 100 lens not generally covered by private insurance or medicare all over the country so that the selected 100 surgeons could perform the surgery around the same time.

Dr. Arla Genstler says, "Crystalens is a fantastic lens that is unique it not only corrects distance vision, but gives people their close vision. It's been out for years now."

"I wanted to have lasik eye surgery because my husband just had it and when I had the eye exam Dr. Genstler said have cataracts so she said you can have lenses put in. When she first told me I was dissappointed but having the lenses is the same result so here I am and I'm excited," Joanna Miller One out of a 100 getting the surgery and a practicing nurse.

The surgery takes about 10 minutes in total, with relaxing medicine and two tiny incisions open up the natural part of her lens and remove the cloudy part.

"It's all done inside the eye with micro instruments through the microscope and then what remains is the capsule support of her natural lens that's what we will utilize to put the lens implant in. I position it and the wounds heal themselves," says Dr. Genstler.

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