Potential Jurors Questioned In Quadruple Murder Case

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LYNDON, Kan. (WIBW) -- Attorneys began questioning potential jurors Monday, July 25, preparing for the trial in a quadruple murder case in Osage County.


James Kraig Kahler, of Columbia, Mo., is charged with capital murder in the killings of his ex-wife, Karen Kahler, 44, her grandmother, Dorothy Wight, and his two daughters, Emily Kahler, 18, and Lauren Kahler, 16. The killings happened at Wight's home in November, 2009, in Osage County.

The court questioned nearly 300 potential jurors Monday, in a unique gathering at Lyndon High School, and not the Osage County Courthouse. Court officials say they needed more space that the courthouse allowed.

The juror questionnaire, usually about a page long, was 20 pages long. Potential jurors were questioned in two groups of about 150.

James Kahler was there for the questioning. He sat in the school's gym during potential juror orientation.

Court officials worked in cooperation with the Osage County Sheriff's Department to establish a security plan for the unusual event.

The trial will begin with jury selection - 12 jurors and 3 back-up jurors - on Monday, August 8, in Osage County Court.