Young Talent Showcased At Blues Concert

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- With warmer weather finally here, it's great to enjoy fun activities outside.

The first of many concerts in Gage Park took to the state Wednesday evening with a few musicians showcasing their talents.

One of the musicians likes to consider herself a veteran - and she's still in her twenties! Another, well don't let his age fool you - he's got an impressive repertoire.

Something about summertime and the blues go so well together. Nice weather, hot sun and great music.

Topeka's Summertime Blues Concert series kicked off Wednesday evening and featured some smoothe sounds coming from some small bodies.

Skylar Kendall, Adison Stallons and Shawna Wilson were three of the youth who performed. The Topeka Blues Society provides them with places to play and let them do what they do best - music.

"I just love music so much," Skylar said.

"It's everything," Adison said.

"I love music more than life!" Shawna said.

Skylar played two original compositions, one on the ukelele and one on the dulcimer. He also plays piano, keyboard, drums and percussion.

"I taught myself," he said, "I guess I was born with perfect pitch."

He also boasted that if he's blindfolded he can guess the exact note of a guitar or piano chord.

Adison plays the guitar and sang three cover songs, and Shawna sang the heck out of Janis Joplin's "Bobby McGee."

When asked about his future plans with music, Skylar said he just wants to play without all the fame.

"It would be creepy going into the grocery store with people asking for your autograph and you can't even get milk!"

Another featured artist, the bass-playing, red-headed crooner, has been around the music block a couple times playing with her dad, modern blues artist Otis Taylor.

"I'm a storyteller and I'm trying to listen to everyone's story and tell my own at the same time," 26-year-old Cassie Taylor said.

She started touring with her dad when she was 16, playing bass and singing.

She already has a strong music base, but said truly loving it didn't come right away.

"I didn't really appreciate music until I took a break in 2009. Being raised in music and being in a band with your dad isn't necessarily the coolest thing," Taylor said. "When you're 16 years old and there's cute Italian groupies and they're like 'Hey we want to take you out!' and your dad's like no you can't. So I had to separate myself from music to really realize how amazing it is."

Cassie is promoting her new album and the kids are just breaking out into the music scene, but what they all have in common is just playing some good music.

All the kids jam out at Speck's Tavern on Sundays with some seasoned musicians. Skylar thinks it's better than jamming at home.

"I plan on just having fun with music."

Cassie Taylor's new album is out and is entitled "Out Of My Mind." She will be stopping in Kansas City for another performance.