YMCA Water Instructor Turns 92

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-One lady's determination and dedication has kept her young and she's done it all while being inside the swimming pool.

Her full name is Melba Stinson, but her friends call her "Jean." She says she enjoys spending her time at the swimming pool.

"It makes me feel good really," says Jean.

In fact, that's what has brought her to the Southwest Fairlawn YMCA pool time and time again.

She teaches the arthritic water exercise classes and is one of the oldest employees at 91-years-old, but she says age is just a number.

"It's a very easy exercise program which people my age definitely need and I think doing it in the water is much easier on the body," says Jean.

Jean's co-workers say that her dedication rubs off on others.

"She really keeps her class motivated, and helps older citizens when they come in and they see that they are either just as old as them or older and that they can get in the water and do it themselves," says Elissia Arnold, SW Fairlawn YMCA Aquatics Coordinator.

Jean says it's no secret to how she stays happy and healthy at her age, but she does have some advice: "When you reach my age that you do live every day as full as you can and enjoy everyday as much as you can."

Jean says she wishes she could turn the clock back a few years. When it comes to turning another year older, she says "excited" isn't the word she would choose.

"No, no not particularly! It's just going to be another day as far as I'm concerned," laughs Jean.

Jean's 92nd birthday is Monday, August 19th.