Working Kansas Alliance Says State Of Labor Is Hostile To Workers Under Brownback

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(Topeka)— In response to the Kansas Department of Labor's annual State of Labor report, the The Working Kansas Alliance today said the State of Labor in Kansas can be defined by the sustained attacks on worker's rights carried out by Brownback administration and the Kansas Legislature.

"Despite Secretary Gordon's economic hyperbole, Kansas workers are facing a very hostile State of Labor that is reflected in this administration's policies and priorities" said Working Kansas Alliance President Terry Forsyth. "Unfortunately, Governor Brownback and his Secretary of Labor are creating more roadblocks that impede the ambitions of working people than jobs."

Forsyth said instead of helping Kansas workers claim their rights in the workplace the Department of Labor has become the staging ground for any anti-labor bill special interests can dream up. He cited several anti-worker bills introduced and supported by the administration including: dramatic cuts to unemployment compensation to help pay for employer discounts on unemployment insurance taxes, elimination of prevailing wages on public works projects, changes to the workers compensation system making it harder for injured workers to file legitimate claims and have those claims heard by impartial judges and tax increases on low and middle income workers.

"This is a very consistent, coordinated attack on working men and women in Kansas. Kansans shouldn't have to surrender their rights as workers for a job. Putting Kansans to work is vitally important. Putting working Kansans first is equally important.”

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